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Gaysorn Village regenerates ‘Placemaking’ destination with relaunch of “Gaysorn Amarin”

Gaysorn Village regenerates ‘Placemaking’ destination with relaunch of "Gaysorn Amarin" to bring life-enhancing customer experience in Q4 2023Life & Wellness Style Component – The Gaysorn Urbanist Retreat concept is curated to meet the needs of urban customers taking into account healthy lifestyle, physical exercise, and enhancement of beauty within each individual, with a unique selection of world-class luxury lifestyle brands like Steinway & Sons, Bang & Olufsen, Leica, Rimowa etc., as well as a variety of essentials for active and outdoor activities like camping, climbing and surfing.

Food Style Component – The current Gaysorn Food Village, an outstanding dining experience destination with a wide variety of unique choices such as Michelin-star restaurants will include Ginza Sushi Ichi, Paste, Hei Yin, Burger & Lobster, and Isola, will be complemented with the Hanging Garden at Gaysorn Amarin, the specialty food and beverage space that will include Izakaya, Thai Grill, and many other new concept restaurants with award-winning chefs as well as a bar area created by prominent mixologists.

With over 30 million dollars allocated for the regeneration, Gaysorn Village is slated to create a bond with all visitors by giving them a new refined experience for life enhancement in building social connections and spending quality time in this distinctive urban village by expanding, diversifying, and scaling up offerings from our existing portfolio of four lifestyle components.”

Co-created by CL3, an international awards-winning design studio from Hong Kong that also designed Gaysorn Tower, the design of the new connection is conceived with a view to enhancing the environment of the entire precinct and transforming it into a continuous experience within all three buildings of Gaysorn Village.

Fashion Style Component – Building on the venue’s long-standing prestige, Gaysorn Village will continue featuring its famed Designer Lane with world-class fashion brands such as Club 21 flagship store, Comme des Garçons, Diane Von Furstenberg, Max Mara, and many more, with the addition of an active fashion space for top local and international designers to exhibit their creations.

Gaysorn Village will be introducing Thailand’s first and only “Placemaking” destination next year by recreating Gaysorn Amarin, previously known as Amarin Plaza, into a brand-new lifestyle space that nurtures inspiration and creativity to the fullest while cultivating a diverse community of like-minded people to get together for memorable meetings and interactions.

Workstyle Component – Designed to cater to the lifestyles of working people, Gaysorn Village will provide a workstyle component with productive and collaborative spaces for them to work with their colleagues while making the best of their creativity and increasing their efficiency.

The new look of Gaysorn Amarin is manifested in the design of a new facade, an architectural concept called “Gaysorn Cocoon,” which is a symbol of regeneration and rebirth with the integration of Roman columns representing knowledge and wisdom. Designed to bring a new refined experience for life enhancement that is uniquely curated for each individual, Gaysorn Amarin is scheduled to welcome customers in the 4th quarter of 2023. Gaysorn Amarin is soon to be relaunched as an integral part of Gaysorn Village under the concept of “Old-New Spirit,” which is a perfect blend of modern design approaches and post-modern architecture from Roman columns to contemporary colour palettes.

The customer-centric design also seeks to create seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas with the addition of green spaces and the Hanging Garden which will serve as a place where people can meet and socialize. The relaunch of Gaysorn Amarin in late 2023 will also promote tourism and bring business vibrancy to Ratchaprasong so as to turn it into Bangkok’s ‘Capital of Lifestyle District’ with every necessary element, including office buildings, shopping centres, entertainment venues, hotels, residences and various types of facilities.

A seamless connection for people visiting the area is key for Gaysorn Village to achieve its ambition to create the ‘Placemaking’ experience. “We are seeking to bring the best of placemaking to transform our three buildings, which are Gaysorn Tower, Gaysorn Center and Gaysorn Amarin, into a venue that provides everyone with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a truly inspirational creative environment with unique designs and services.

“The redevelopment will enable Gaysorn Village to become more than a leading lifestyle destination in the heart of Bangkok,” said Charn Srivikorn, Chairman of Gaysorn Property. The Piazza is a spacious multipurpose area that harmoniously connects the area outside the building to a road, thereby creating a vibrant atmosphere that is suitable for various events. Green areas and connected parks are also available within easy walking distance, helping visitors, tourists, partners, tenants, and residents live life to the fullest. The Forum is an inside area and event space for lifestyle experiences that are lively and fun.


Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)



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