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Grand China’s Mooncake Artistry!

“Grand China Bangkok Hotel, the home of a legendary restaurant nestled in the heart of Chinatown, is proud to introduce the “Mooncakes Festival” featuring the exclusive 2023 collection, a continuation of this auspicious tradition. Infused with a secret recipe handed down through generations for over three decades, invites food enthusiasts to savor the gentle flavors of over 20 flavors, complemented by an exclusive premium set. Available from today until September 29, 2023.”

 The Mooncakes from Grand China Bangkok Hotel have gained renown as some of the most delectable in Thailand, consistently selling out within a short span. Boasting exquisite secret recipes passed down for over 30 years. These creations of distinctive mooncakes are expertly by “Siang Ping Loh” the traditional Chinese restaurant at Grand China Bangkok. Meticulously crafted with premium ingredients, they offer a harmonious blend of flavors, a tantalizing aroma, precisely calibrated sweetness, soft and yielding dough, and generous fillings. Whether it’s a substantial egg yolk or abundant lotus seeds, each bite is an explosion of juiciness. Remarkably, these mooncakes are free from preservatives, adding to their allure.

This year, Grand China Bangkok has unveiled an extensive collection of mooncakes, encompassing over 20 flavors. Among these, standout options include the beloved ‘Custard Mooncakes,’ characterized by their velvety custard filling and inviting aroma, an irresistible treat for custard enthusiasts. The ‘Ngow Ying Mooncakes’ are enriched with a blend of five grains – cashew nuts, almonds, melon seeds, walnuts, and white sesame seeds – and elevated with the addition of crispy pork infused with spices, resulting in a fragrant, delectable, and mellow flavor profile.

Crafted using authentic Monthong durian from Chanthaburi province, the ‘Durian Monthong Mooncakes’ undergo perfect stir-frying and are meticulously wrapped with premium salted egg yolk, achieving an impeccable fusion. Similarly, the ‘Lotus Seeds Mooncakes’ feature meticulously smoothed high-quality lotus seeds, expertly paired with premium salted egg yolk, emanating the enticing aroma of lotus seeds, harmoniously complementing the gentle sweetness.

Furthermore, a multitude of additional mooncake flavors awaits, including innovative options like ‘Purple Sweet Potato Mooncakes’ and sugar-free varieties such as lotus seed, goji berry, and pomelo charcoal. Notably, the collection also encompasses a series of “Snow Mooncakes” available in four enticing flavors: Monthong Snow Durian, Snow Lotus, Snow Black Sesame, and the unmissable new addition, Snow Yuzu.

 Grand China Bangkok’s mooncakes are elegantly presented in a timeless classic blue box, available for both 2-piece and 4-piece purchases. Stealing the spotlight this year is the exclusive “Premium Set,” commemorating Grand China Bangkok’s 30th anniversary. Encased within a meticulously crafted imported wooden box, this set exudes sophistication through its refined design, complemented by a delicate soft white carrying bag.

 Enclosed within the box are four meticulously crafted mooncake flavors;  The ‘Italian Truffle Charcoal’ flavor undergoes an intricate process to attain its uniquely fragrant truffle filling. This exquisite filling is encased in a genuine charcoal powder shell, delivering a flawless fusion of flavors. The ‘Coffee-Almond White Chocolate’ variety offers a delicate coffee aroma, harmoniously enveloped in a white chocolate-coated almond layer. The interaction between these elements creates a harmonious and delightful taste experience. ‘Nut-Sesame Egg Special Sauce’ is a splendid amalgamation of quality grains, including walnuts, white sesame seeds, almonds, cashews, and melon seeds. This intricate blend results in a balanced and flavorful profile that’s both satisfying and delectable. Lastly, ‘Monthong Durian with Egg’ brings together authentic Monthong durian sourced from Chanthaburi province. The durian is expertly stir-fried to perfection and then enfolded in high-quality salted egg yolk, achieving a seamless amalgamation of flavors.

This limited offering is priced at 1,299 baht, making it an ideal choice for a cherished gift or a special keepsake to commemorate the auspicious festival.

Embrace the essence of the ‘Mid-Autumn Festival’ tradition by sharing in the delight of our special token of prosperity – the “Mooncake” collection of 2023 from Grand China Bangkok. Indulge in deliciousness that reaches for the stars, available starting today until September 29, 2023.

You can secure these delectable treats from the dedicated booth on the G floor of Grand China Bangkok Hotel or conveniently through an online platform, the Line Shop: https://shop.line.me/@grandchinahotel. For further inquiries, feel free to directly contact the hotel at 02 224-9977 ext. 711.

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