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Great Wall Motor Collaborates with OR to Develop Roaming Network Platform, Facilitating GWM EV Users at EV Station PluZ

Great Wall Motor (GWM) is continuing to build the EV ecosystem through partnering with PTT Oil and Retail Business plc (OR).

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed by OR and GWM to study and develop a roaming platform for the charging station network at EV Station PluZ.

Held at the GWM Experience Center, ICONSIAM, the MOU signing ceremony was led by Michael Chong, Vice President of Great Wall Motor (Thailand) and Wison Suntharachan, Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability, PTT Oil and Retail Business plc (OR).

Michael Chong, Vice President of Great Wall Motor (Thailand), said: “GWM operates in Thailand by upholding our three core strategies: being the xEV leader, focusing on consumers’ voices, and creating new experiences for customers. We are committed to developing products and innovations following consumer feedback. As a result, our brand and products have instantly become one of the leaders in Thailand’s EV market. One of our missions is developing a concrete EV ecosystem in Thailand; GWM is currently planning to expand charging stations to 55 locations in 2022 under the G-Charge platform which 70% is in Bangkok and Metropolitan areas and 30% is in provincial areas. All charging stations will be equipped with high-power DC Fast Charge starts at 120KW and CCS2 charging docks. Additionally, GWM is determined to develop a one-stop customer service platform through the GWM application, which provides station searching, navigation, booking, and payment functions all in one app. G-Charge and the GWM application will be among the most advanced and all-around platform for EV users in Thailand. We have compiled more than 500 existing EV charging stations in Thailand into a charging map on the GWM app, covering more than 55% of public charging stations. We aim to compile more than 80% of all charging stations into the app by the end of this year. The partnership between GWM and OR to link the electric charging station network is the beginning of the development plan to create the best EV-user experience for GWM customers. I am looking forward to developing our platform in many aspects with OR to enhance new experiences for our customers, and most importantly, to contribute to the sustainable growth of the EV industry in Thailand, which resonates with GWM’s commitment to driving the EV industry to grow in a strong and concrete way.”

Wison Suntharachan, Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability, PTT Oil and Retail Business plc (OR), said: “Following the increase in electric vehicles in Thailand, OR is ready to respond to the needs of EV users in all aspects to align with the lifestyles of new-generation people, who are more interested in electric vehicles. The partnership with GWM, one of the EV leaders, will facilitate motorists who take advantage of our EV Station PluZ charging stations via OR’s EV Station PluZ application or the GWM application, which connects OR and GWM’s system management platforms together, allowing users to search for EV Station PluZ charging stations, book services, make online payments, and go through service history. This creates trust among GWM and OR customers, ensuring that they will receive excellent roaming and seamless services from the EV Station PluZ charging station network located inside and outside PTT Stations, which will be expanded to 450 locations in 2022 and to 7,000 locations in 2030. The collaboration follows OR’s mission in strengthening our integrated energy business for seamless mobility to become the EV ecosystem leader in the future.”

GWM, as the ‘Global Intelligent Technology Company’, is committed to listening to consumers’ voices to create products and services filled with cutting-edge technologies that are safe and friendly to the environment. GWM will continue to lead its user-centric approach to deliver exceptional driving experiences that meet every need while growing with customers, business partners and society in order to contribute to the growth of Thailand’s electric vehicle industry and economy in a steady and sustainable way.

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