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Hahn Air brings 12 new partner airlines to travel agents

Ticketing specialist Hahn Air already added 12 new partner airlines to its growing network in the first half of 2023. Travel agents around the world can therefore offer additional travel options to their clients via their Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

Five airlines formed an interline agreement with Hahn Air and are therefore available under their own code in selected GDSs. This includes markets where they do not participate in local settlement systems (BSPs or ARC) or where they do not grant ticketing authority. Travel agents also benefit from being able to choose from additional payment options connected with the HR-169 ticket that the airlines do not offer with their own tickets. In addition, many partners are available for multi-airline ticketing even if they don’t have a contract with each other. Availability of single- and multi-airline ticketing can be checked with the Quick Check tool on hahnair.com which has already been successfully consulted by travel agents more than 20 million times.

Out of the new partners, seven carriers are launching a worldwide GDS presence with Hahn Air. More than 100,000 travel agents in 190 markets can access their flights in all major GDSs under the X1 Code. Reservation and ticketing can be done by following the standard GDS procedures.

The new Hahn Air partners 2023 YTD are:

Available under their own two-letter-code

  • Air Connect (KS), Romania (GDS: Amadeus)
  • Air Tanzania (TC), Tanzania (GDS: Abacus, Amadeus, Galileo, Infini, Sabre and TravelSky)
  • Air Premia (YP), South Korea (GDS: Abacus, Amadeus, Galileo, Infini and Sabre)
  • Braathens Regional Airlines (TF), Sweden (GDS: Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport)
  • SpiceJet (SG), India (GDS: Amadeus)

Available under the X1 code in all GDSs

  • Aerus (ZV), Mexico
  • Arajet (DM), Dominican Republic
  • Cronos Airlines Benin (C9), Benin
  • FitsAir (8D), Sri Lanka
  • FlyCAA (BU), Congo
  • Involatus (1IV, operated by Tailwind), Germany
  • ValueJet (VK), Nigeria

“We are pleased to provide travel agents with additional air content, thereby increasing their revenue”, says Kimberley Long, Vice President Agency Distribution at Hahn Air. “By trusting the Hahn Air ticket, travel agents enjoy a service that is absolutely free and that is fully embedded in their GDS. In addition, they benefit from 24/7 support, free insolvency protection and a speedy refund process.”

The new partners join more than 350 carriers that travel agents can issue on the insolvency-safe Hahn Air HR-169 ticket. With Hahn Air acting as the validating carrier, travel agents gain access to carriers and routes that would otherwise not be available in their GDS.

More information about the airline partners that can be issued with the HR-169 ticket can be found at www.hahnair.com.

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