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Heroleads joins Krungsri Business Talk 2019

Heroleads (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Thailand’s leading data-driven performance marketing company, delivered a keynote presentation at the “Krungsri Business Talk 2019: Digital Moves, held by Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited. Heroleads, the official partner of Google Thailand, shared its expertise in digital marketing technology. Krungsri has an experience of transforming more than 400 small and medium businesses, Heroleads had a lot of insights about the importance of digital technology and its effect on contemporary enterprises.

According to Mr. Teerawat Khrewprivate, Digital Performance Marketing Manager at Heroleads, 90% of Thai Internet users regularly search for information on Google; 50% of online purchases are made via smartphones and 50% of store sales are the result of online advertising. In these circumstances, no business, whether large or small, can afford to ignore the power of online marketing.

And yet, according to the Krungsri SME Index survey, most small and medium enterprises in Thailand do not realize the importance of online technology, which makes it more difficult for such businesses to survive and strive. In this case “whenever a shop or a small business has to shut down, it is not necessarily the result of an economic downturn, but more often than not it is the inability to adapt to changes in consumer behavior”, as  Mr. Sayam Prasitsirikul, Head of SME Banking Group, Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited confirmed.

Heroleads introduced the participants to different ways of adapting to the new online realities. One of them is the omnichannel strategy which integrates and coordinates communications through multiple channels and platforms, both online and offline. Heroleads’ experience shows that this strategy can be successfully used by both B2B and B2C companies. With this approach, many businesses which suffered from growing losses returned to being profitable again.

The seminar equipped the participating SME entrepreneurs with the information that would keep them abreast of the latest developments in digital marketing technology and help them not only survive, but acquire a competitive advantage.

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