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Holiday Inn Resorts launches a unique programme for kids to gain “work” experience while on holiday

Holiday Inn Resorts is launching an exciting unique experience called the Holiday Inn Little Big Hotelier programme, promoting a new way for kids to gain invaluable life skills while on holiday. With this programme available at Holiday Inn Resorts across Southeast Asia and the Maldives, kids will be immersed in various departments such as the front desk, housekeeping and the kitchen.

This programme is unique in its offering because it allows kids to gain important experiences at an early age while having fun on their holiday. They’ll also be able to gain skills such as self-confidence, communication and collaboration. Kids will not be the only ones benefiting from this experience; parents and caregivers will also be able to get some much-needed relaxation and time to themselves. This is not just a holiday for the family; it is an experience that stays with the family long after the vacation is over.

With kids getting more involved in travel planning and parents looking for more immersive holiday experiences, the Little Big Hoteliers Programme offers the perfect getaway for both adults and kids. I think the programme is definitely an experience that will interest your readers on a different travel experience, one that suits the needs of every traveller in the family.

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