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Hoteliers in Paradise: Coldplay Concert Sparks Massive Demand!

Digital travel platform, Agoda, has observed a remarkable 8.7x search increase for accommodations in Singapore during Coldplay’s concert series in January 2024. The surge is driven mainly by neighbouring countries Malaysia and Indonesia but based on Agoda’s search data Singapore can also expect more travelers from Hong Kong, Thailand, USA, Australia, Vietnam, India, Philippines, and many other markets.

The significant upswing aligns with ticket releases for the highly anticipated six-day Coldplay concert series, demonstrating the undeniable power of music as a major travel motivator. With six shows, Singapore will be the main stop in Asia during Coldplay’s ‘Music of the Spheres World Tour’.

“Music inspires a great deal of passion, and dedicated fans are truly remarkable as they will travel far and wide to see their favourite acts live,” said Enric Casals, Regional Associate Vice President Southeast Asia at Agoda. “This spike in accommodation bookings is a testament to the undeniable lure of live musical experiences, showcasing the profound impact they have on travel decisions.”

Despite the surge in bookings and searches for Singaporean properties, there are still plenty of offers to be had on Agoda with an abundance of hotels to choose from in the Lion City. Travelers can enjoy additional discounts when bundling flights and hotel for trips to Singapore and across the globe, helping travelers see the world for less.

Highest search increase
(for travel to Singapore)
1 Indonesia
2 Malaysia
3 Philippines
4 Brunei
5 United States
6 Thailand
7 Sri Lanka
8 Hong Kong
9 China
10 Australia

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