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How Leaders Can Best Respond In Uncertain Times

To say we are facing unprecedented circumstances with COVID-19 is simply an understatement. How we respond, our reactions, and how we mentally manage this unique circumstance will be vital to our businesses, coworkers, families, and neighbors.

“As leaders, we are called to restore calm, facilitate a sense of normalcy, and have a mental fortitude not to overreact to the news media. It also means we need to discern fact from fiction and not keep our head in the sand, so to speak, and be in denial. Most importantly, don’t make decisions in a vacuum. Leaders cannot allow emotions to cloud their judgment. They have to provide clarity, hope, and optimism. Your job, as a leader, is to get your people to understand the facts and behave more rationally,” says Doug Meyer-Cuno.

Doug Meyer-Cuno is an entrepreneur, mentor, and ForbesBooks author of The Recipe For Empowered Leadership: 25 Ingredients For Creating Value & Empowering Others. He founded a food ingredients distribution company, Carolina Ingredients, and expanded it into a nationally recognized and award-winning industrial seasoning manufacturer before it was acquired by Mitsubishi in 2019. Since then he has founded Empowered Leadership, which helps entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs scale their companies by empowering their teams. Meyer-Cuno earned his BA in International Commerce from Furman University and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management program.

Doug is available to discuss how leaders can best respond in uncertain and volatile times. If you would like to speak with him, or request exclusive content, I am happy to coordinate.

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