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‘Taste of Prachuap’ presents unique menu using local ingredients

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Prachuap Khiri Khan Office, in collaboration with Oceanside Beach Club and Restaurant, has launched the ‘Taste of Prachuap’, a series of Chef’s Table-style dining events scheduled to take place at selected restaurants in Hua Hin, from March to December 2021.

Ms. Soraya Homchuen, Director of the TAT Prachuap Khiri Khan Office, said, “Eight of Hua Hin’s top local chefs will create eight special menu using locally-sourced produce and ingredients from eight districts around Prachuap Khiri Khan. The event is aimed to create a sustainable pathway that connects the community to the region’s cultural heritage, boosting tourism via local gastronomy and distributing income back to the community.”

Local produce and ingredients unique to each of the eight districts around Prachuap Khiri Khan include the ‘Siam Gold (MD2) pineapple from Hua Hin district, oyster from Mueang district, sun-dried squid from Pran Buri district, lotus blossoms from Sam Roi Yot district, jackfruit from Kui Buri district, coconut from Thap Sakae district, salted egg from Bang Saphan district, and salted mackerel from Bang Saphan Noi district.

The eight participating chefs include those who have appeared on the ‘Top Chef Thailand’, ‘Iron Chef Thailand’, and ‘Team Chef Thailand’ TV shows. All of them were presented at the grand opening event, which took place on Friday, 12 March, 2021, at Ob-OOn Patisseries & Boulangerie.

The first in the series of the ‘Taste of Prachuap’ culinary festival took place on Saturday, 13 March at Oceanside Beach Club and Restaurant with a seven-course, traditional Thai menu prepared by Chef Huto, who has appeared on the Top Chef Thailand Season 1 and the Team Chef Thailand 2018. Chef Huto used lotus blossoms from the lotus lake in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park to create his special ‘crab with lotus milk jelly’ menu.

The next seven events are scheduled on:

Friday, 23 April at S.Ken’s bistro with the menu to be prepared by Chef Ken who appeared on Iron Chef Thailand 2018 and has worldwide experience as chef of five-star hotels in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Chef Ken has chosen salted eggs from Bang Saphan district to create his special ‘cannelloni mascarpone salted egg mousse with crab meat, lemon panda gel, and shaved salted egg yolk’ dish.

Friday, 21 May at Tanya’s by Chef Taii, who is well-known for her Thai home cooking using seasonal local produce and ingredients. Chef Taii has prepared her special ‘grilled wrapped young jackfruit with curry paste served with mashed jackfruit seeds and chilli-jackfruit sauce on top of fried jackfruit leaf’ using locally-sourced jackfruit from Kui Buri district.

Friday, 18 June at Oceanside Beach Club and Restaurant by Chef James who appeared on the Top Chef Thailand Season 3 and the Team Chef Thailand 2018. Chef James has chosen salted mackerel from Bang Saphan Noi district to create his special ‘salted mackerel corn tortilla with mackerel ceviche topped finger lime and salted mackerel chilli paste filling topped with sour cream’ for the event.

Saturday, 10 July at Eureka Beach Café by Chef Ton with years of experience working with a number of international chefs. Chef Ton will use sun-dried squid from Pran Buri district to create his special ‘squid ink coconut sorbet, sun dried squid crumble, wasabi sprinkle, tentacle candy, and berries sabayon’ menu.

Saturday, 14 August at Duangkaew Cuisine by Chef Yord with experiences in casual fine-dining restaurants in Bangkok and expertise in contemporary French cuisine. Chef Yord will use oyster from Mueang district to create his special ‘Prachuap Oyster espuma, green apple gel, brioche toasted, and caviar’ menu.

Friday, 17 September at Oceanside Beach Club and Restaurant by Chef Ploy who appeared on the Top Chef Thailand Season 2. She also won numerous awards in various international cooking competitions. Chef Ploy is using Siam Gold (MD2) pineapple from Hua Hin district to create her special ‘pineapple choux au craquelin filled pineapple cream served with cottage cheese pineapple ice-cream topped with nampla whan and crispy balsamic beetroot sponge cake’ menu.

Friday, 10 December at Oceanside Beach Club and Restaurant by Chef Pear, the only female chef who appeared on the Team Chef Thailand 2018. Chef Pear is using coconut from Thap Sakae district to create her special ‘saute coconut and crab with Thai herbs in crispy cup, topped with coconut mousse, coconut grated, coconut crumble, coconut mousse with chocolate glazed’ menu.

After each activity, the specially created menu will be available to the public to sample at each participating restaurant. Attendees that have a receipt showing they spent over 500 Baht can also receive a free souvenir from the TAT Prachuap Khiri Khan Office.

The ‘Taste of Prachuap’ events are being organised in line with the nationwide COVID-19 prevention and control measures. All attendees are advised to follow public health guidelines, including wearing mask, washing hands regularly, and practice social distancing.

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