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Huawei Empowers Thai Women: ICT Expansion

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., one of the world’s leading ICT-solutions providers, has redoubled its efforts in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to cultivate more ICT personnel and empower youth in Thailand through “Girls in ICT Day”. The company set up “Girls in ICT Day” with the aim to encourage girls and young women in Thailand to enhance their digital skill levels through trainings and knowledge sharing, mainly focusing on 5G, Cybersecurity, and Cloud technologies. The project will be developed further to align with the “Seeds for the Future” campaign to cultivate more than 20,000 digital talents in Thailand within 3 years.

In line with Huawei’s commitment to help incubate more digital talents in Southeast Asia and Thailand, Ms. Celine Cao CEO of Huawei Cloud Thailand has emphasized the importance of the new “Girls in ICT Day” initiative: “Huawei Thailand actively engages with various agencies, including the The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), to help grow the ICT workforce and empower more young women in the technology industry to close the digital divide in Thailand. This partnership involves a variety of training programs aimed at igniting the interest of young women in pursuing STEM studies, 5G, Cybersecurity, and Cloud. The attendants will be trained by female ICT veterans following the motto: “Tech by her, tech for her, tech with her”. In the digital era, the engagement and perspectives of women will continue to create more possibilities for all, and Huawei will solidify its role as a key supporter in upskilling digital talent and cultivating ICT skills among youth nationwide.”

For this project, Huawei organized a series of events and trainings on 5G Network Overviews, Telecommunication Network Basics, Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security, as well as arranged Digital showcase visits, Career in ICT seminars, Seeds for The Future program awards/announcements, and visits to Huawei’s offices. This initiative is a vital part of Huawei Thailand’s goals to generate more digital talents for the country, which aims to train 10,000 Cloud technology-related personnel and 10,000 Digital Power specialists within 3 years. In addition, Huawei will train 2,000 Thais via their “Digital Bus” project and support more youth talents through their flagship “Seeds for The Future” program held every year.

The onsite training for “Girls in ICT Day” supported 42 Bangkok based, Samutprakan, Authaithani students with the online training including both girls and boys. The course is not a one-time training as it will continue and eventually align with the “Seeds for the Future” program later in 2023.

In 2022, Huawei first announced its collaboration with ITU on an event called “Walk into ICT Industry” to help youths understand the latest technology trends and applications. Over 20 students from all over Thailand visited the Huawei Customer Solution Innovation & Integration Experience Center (CSIC) in Bangkok and received digital skills training from Huawei’s ASEAN Academy. Moreover, Huawei and ITU organized “Seeds for the Future” Asia Pacific that enabled 10 Thai students join the tech camp and tech4good competition at an international level.

Continuing the commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity, Huawei marked International Girls in ICT Day 2023 by pledging active support to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) “Girls in ICT” initiative. Embracing the slogan “Digital Skills for Life,” Huawei plans to offer specialized classes and technology programs exclusively to teenage girls and young women in Thailand. By doing so, Huawei aims to empower these individuals with the necessary skills to reduce three core digital gaps, close the skill and knowledge gap, close the digital infrastructure and connectivity gap and close the application gap, to drive Thailand towards a future digital and intelligent era in which everyone is fully connected.

In line with their efforts to raise awareness and promote technology’s role in creating a sustainable future, Huawei is proud to introduce “Women in Tech,” an open digital bus available to the public for the first time. This dedicated exhibition will demonstrate how technology can foster a sustainable and green future. By showcasing innovative solutions, Huawei strives to inspire individuals and organizations to adopt sustainable practices and leverage technology for a greener tomorrow.

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