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Huawei Empowers: Women in Tech Revolution!

Huawei ThailandIn a trailblazing move to stimulate female involvement in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields, Huawei recently inaugurated the ‘Women in Tech’ (WIT) roadshow. This revolutionary initiative aims to incubate 20,000 developers over the ensuing three years for the IT industry in Thailand. A significant step forward, this program contributes to the expansion of the nation’s tech and IT sectors and fortifies its sustainable economy.

Situated at the epicentre of the digital revolution, the forum brimmed with motivational discourses from distinguished female leaders and visionaries, shedding light on the limitless potential of women in moulding the tech sphere. The WIT roadshow harmonizes with the noble mission of influential international organizations like UNESCO and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to tap into the unexplored potential of Thailand’s ICT talents for the global digital era.

‘Women in Tech’ Roadshow
‘Women in Tech’ Roadshow

In conjunction with International Women in Engineering Day, Huawei spearheaded a public WIT roadshow. The event highlighted success stories of female trailblazers, women in leadership, and tech talks and provided a booth tour demonstrating the latest technologies and initiatives for diversity. The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2023 starkly emphasizes the gender disparity pervading STEM vocations. Merely 29.2% of the STEM workforce is female, a sobering statistic considering that women constitute nearly half of non-STEM employment. The hour is ripe for a seismic change.

The National Innovation Agency (NIA) under the Ministry of Science and Technology underlined the crucial role of innovators and digital talents, given the palpable gender gap. Interestingly, Thailand boasts an equal proportion of men and women in technology careers.

‘Women in Tech’ Roadshow on International Womenin Engineering Day to Empower Digital Talents in Thailand
‘Women in Tech’ Roadshow on International Women
in Engineering Day to Empower Digital Talents in Thailand.

NIA showed enthusiasm for the official launch of Thailand’s first Women in Tech initiative. They acknowledged the crucial role of both female and male digital talents as catalysts for economic development. They pledged cooperation with partners, including Huawei, to foster a thriving ecosystem for innovation entrepreneurs and digital talents.

Huawei launched the Women in Tech initiative in 2020, intending to leverage technology to bridge the gender gap in STEM fields. Operating on the principles of ‘Tech For Her,’ ‘Tech With Her,’ and ‘Tech By Her,’ the program has had a far-reaching impact in over 50 countries, reflecting Huawei’s unwavering commitment to gender parity.

Mrs Piyatida Itiravivongs, President of Huawei Cloud Thailand, reiterated Huawei’s mission to enable an inclusive digital future and to empower more ICT talents in her keynote speech. She highlighted Huawei’s collaboration with UNESCO to revolutionize the technology and IT workforce. The goal is for women to constitute over half of the total employment, up from 29.2%.

Huawei pledged to continually foster digital talent cultivation through focus areas such as Cloud Developer programs, digital power engineers, and digital inclusion like Women in Tech, inviting young talents to join these initiatives.

Representatives from UNESCO expressed their appreciation to Huawei for organizing the event, reaffirming their commitment to promoting gender equality throughout education. This revolutionary move marks an epoch in achieving gender equality in STEM. The future indeed appears brighter and more inclusive.




Written by: Prakaidao Baengsunita







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