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IHG Milestone: 1,000+ Hotels in Asia Redefine Travel!

In an era where the essence of travel transcends mere exploration, IHG Hotels & Resorts has etched a monumental milestone, catapulting itself into the forefront of the hospitality industry with its landmark achievement: the opening of over 1,000 hotels across the Asia Pacific. This remarkable feat not only underscores IHG’s unwavering commitment to excellence but also heralds a new chapter in the tapestry of travel, where luxury, innovation, and cultural immersion converge.

Rajit Sukumaran, the visionary Managing Director for East Asia & Pacific at IHG, encapsulates the essence of this milestone, stating, “Achieving more than 1,000 open hotels in Asia Pacific, including a significant presence in Greater China, is not merely a number but a testament to our dedication to being the beacon of hospitality in one of the world’s most vibrant regions. Our commitment to brand investment and delivering unparalleled returns for our owners has propelled our growth, marking a new horizon in the travel industry.”

The journey to this milestone has been paved with the inauguration of several flagship properties across the continent, each embodying the uniqueness of IHG’s brands—from the iconic luxury of InterContinental Hotels & Resorts to the bespoke experiences offered by the Vignette Collection. These openings respond to the burgeoning demand for diversified hotel experiences, catering to the intrepid explorer and the discerning traveller seeking solace in luxury.

The resurgence of travel, bolstered by eased restrictions and a global pent-up desire for connection, positions IHG at the helm of an industry poised for explosive growth. With a robust pipeline of 705 hotels across 22 countries, IHG’s blueprint for expansion is ambitious and strategic, tapping into emerging markets and established destinations, ensuring that it remains the go-to choice for travellers and investors.

Central to IHG’s strategy is its deep dive into the Luxury & Lifestyle segment, which now represents a significant portion of its global portfolio. “Our Luxury & Lifestyle brands have seen an unprecedented surge, capturing the imagination of travelers and setting new benchmarks in hospitality. With over 45% of our global pipeline in the Asia Pacific, we’re not just creating hotels; we’re curating experiences,” Sukumaran elaborates.

Moreover, IHG’s innovative approach to conversions, exemplified by the introduction of Garner, its new midscale brand, underscores a versatile strategy aimed at broadening its footprint and catering to a diverse traveller base. This approach is about expansion and reinventing the hospitality landscape, offering unique propositions to guests and owners.

The Asia Pacific region is at the cusp of a travel renaissance, with IHG leading the charge. The company’s strategic foresight, coupled with a commitment to excellence, positions it uniquely to capitalize on the anticipated surge in passenger traffic and the evolving preferences of modern travellers. From the serene beaches of Halong Bay to the historic streets of Nagasaki, IHG is crafting stories, one destination at a time.

As the travel industry stands on the brink of transformation, IHG’s milestone is more than a numerical achievement; it’s a beacon of innovation, luxury, and unparalleled guest experiences. With a clear vision for the future and a relentless drive towards excellence, IHG is not just participating in the travel industry’s evolution; it’s leading it.




Written by: Supaporn Pholrach







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