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Breakdance Kings Crowned at Thailand’s Top Battle!

Red Bull dance tournaments.In the heart of Bangkok’s cultural hive, the HostBKK Arts Center, a spectacle unfolded that would etch its mark on the annals of street dance history. The Red Bull BC One Regional Cypher Thailand became the arena where the quintessence of breakdancing talent was not just showcased but celebrated with fervour and unparalleled artistry. Among the constellation of over 150 dancers, each embodying the zenith of skill, dedication, and style, two luminaries shone the brightest: B-Girl Shun from Vietnam and B-Boy SNAKE GA from Samutsakorn, Thailand.

This event, marking its inaugural footprint in Southeast Asia, was not merely a competition; it was a grand narrative of passion, resilience, and innovation in dance. With a spirit undeterred by her 21-week pregnancy, B-Girl Shun displayed an electrifying performance against B-Girl Zaba. Her prowess on the dance floor, characterized by agility and groundbreaking maneuvers, left the audience spellbound. Her signature move, a fusion of a gravity-defying spin and intricate footwork, won her the title and underscored her exceptional talent and creativity.

“I’m over the moon,” expressed B-Girl Shun, reflecting on her victory. “This win was beyond my expectations. Being part of Red Bull BC One’s first venture into Southeast Asia, while pregnant, has been an exhilarating journey. I came to enjoy and make memories, but this victory is a testament to the passion and dedication I hold for dance.”

On the flip side, the men’s competition saw B-Boy SNAKE GA, a 28-year-old dynamo, clinch the championship with a masterclass performance in precision and strength. His showdown against B-Boy T-Flow was spectacular, showcasing innovative power moves that transitioned into fluid, stylistic expressions. SNAKE GA’s victory was a personal triumph and a beacon of inspiration for aspiring dancers in Thailand and beyond.

Reflecting on his victory, B-Boy SNAKE GA shared, “Winning the Red Bull BC One today fills me with immense joy and excitement. It’s a milestone that marks the beginning of a new chapter in my dance career. Representing Thailand at the regional finals in Indonesia is a responsibility I’m eager to embrace, with the aim of refining my skills further.”

The journey for these champions, however, does not end here. Alongside the first runners-up, B-Girl Zaba and B-Boy T-Flow, they are set to represent Thailand at the Red Bull BC One Regional Finals in Indonesia on March 22, 2024. The stakes are high, as the victors of this regional showdown will advance to Brazil, competing in the Last Chance Cypher for a spot on the World Final stage.

The Red Bull BC One Regional Cypher Thailand is a beacon for the country’s burgeoning street dance scene. With the anticipation of Thailand’s first Red Bull Dance Your Style event in June, the landscape of dance competitions is set to evolve further. This open-format street dance competition underscores the diversity and vibrancy of the dance community, fostering a unique interaction between dancers and the audience.

Events like the Red Bull BC One are significant beyond competition; they are pivotal in nurturing the local dance scene and providing a platform for dancers to gain international recognition. Icons of the dance world, like B-Boy Ronnie and B-Girl Logistx, emphasize the need for more support, visibility, and connectivity within the breaking community to keep the spirit of dance alive and thriving.

As Thailand’s dance scene continues to flourish, the journeys of B-Girl Shun and B-Boy SNAKE GA serve as a testament to the transformative power of dance. Their triumph at the Red Bull BC One Regional Cypher Thailand is not just a personal victory but a beacon of inspiration for dancers worldwide, embodying the essence of passion, resilience, and innovation.

To follow their journey and for more highlights on the road to the Red Bull BC One World Final, enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the official Red Bull Thailand website and Red Bull BC One’s official platform.




Written by: Supaporn Pholprach







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