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IHG’s Transformative Impact on Southeast Asia Unveiled!


Transforming LivesIn a striking testament to corporate responsibility transcending borders and impacting lives, IHG Hotels & Resorts has released its inaugural South East Asia Communities Report. This document not only catalogues the extensive contributions IHG has made to the region but also spotlights the human stories behind the statistics, celebrating a legacy of change and empowerment spanning decades.

With over 40,000 lives enriched across Southeast Asia, IHG’s efforts are a beacon of hope and a blueprint for meaningful corporate engagement. In Thailand, the dedication is particularly noteworthy, with hotel colleagues investing 6,866 hours into community partnerships, directly bettering the lives of 13,333 individuals in 2023 alone. These numbers, however, only scratch the surface of IHG’s commitment to fostering sustainable and inclusive communities.

At the heart of IHG’s mission is its Journey to Tomorrow initiative, a pledge to positively impact 30 million people worldwide. This ambition is not just about quantitative measures; it’s a qualitative commitment to uplifting and integrating marginalized communities, particularly the neurodivergent.

One of the standout partnerships highlighted in the report involves Steps, a Thailand-based social enterprise. Steps have been instrumental in shifting perceptions and practices around neurodivergence in the workplace, championing a training-based approach to employment that has seen remarkable success. Following a successful pilot in five Thai hotels, plans are afoot to expand this initiative, signalling a brighter future for neurodivergent individuals across the region.

Discover how IHG Hotels & Resorts is revolutionizing community support in Southeast Asia.
Discover how IHG Hotels & Resorts is revolutionizing community support in Southeast Asia.

Kate Gerits, Director of Operations at IHG Hotels & Resorts, reflects on the profound impact of these partnerships: “The time, skills, and energy given by our colleagues have truly made a difference to those who live and work in the vicinity of our hotels and offices.” Max Simpson, Founder and CEO of Steps Community echoes this sentiment and underscores the untapped potential within the neurodivergent community and the transformative power of inclusive hiring practices.

IHG’s report is more than an account of past achievements; it’s a vision for a more inclusive, empowered future. The company’s longstanding commitment to hiring individuals with disabilities, in collaboration with organizations like Steps, has enriched lives and cultivated a culture of diversity and acceptance beyond the workplace.

This narrative of change, chronicled in the South East Asia Communities Report, serves as a clarion call to other corporations. It demonstrates the tangible benefits of investing in community partnerships and inclusive hiring practices — not just for the individuals directly impacted but for the broader culture of care and inclusion that these practices engender.

As IHG looks to the future, its path is one of continued commitment and hopeful anticipation. With plans to extend its impactful programs and deepen its community engagements, IHG is a paragon of how corporate entities can and should leverage their resources and platforms for the greater good. Through its actions, IHG is transforming lives and reshaping the fabric of community engagement and corporate responsibility in Southeast Asia and beyond.




Written by: Supaporn Pholrach







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