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Join in the fun with a chance to win prizes in Taste of Fruits, Taste of Thailand game!

Apart from many tourist attractions, Thai fruits are another tourist magnet that attracts tourists around the world to Thailand. The Tourism Authority of Thailand presents you the Taste of Fruits, Taste of Thailand project and invites tourists or general public to test your knowledge about Thai fruits in Pair up Thai fruits game. Not only tourists can test their knowledge prior to traveling to Thailand, but they also get a chance to win special prizes preparing by the Tourism Authority of Thailand for the lucky winners.

To join in the fun, sign up in www.amazingthaitaste.com and correctly pair up Thai fruit pictures with provided hints. Then share your score to your Facebook with #TasteofFruits hashtag and set the post’s status as public.

The event runs May 1-31, 2019. The lucky winners will be announced on June 7, 2019. Don’t hesitate and join in the fun to test your knowledge about Thai fruits before tasting them for real in Thailand! Click! https://bit.ly/2LicG6q

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