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Social Sustainability and Daily Hotel Routine

The three pillars of sustainability, economy, ecology and social, should be balanced. Nevertheless, for a long period the social part was discriminated, it was merely about stabilization and not about optimization of employment and living conditions. Conversely the economic as well as the ecological aspects were always more emphasized. Today the active support of social systems within enterprises is particularly important reflected in concepts like “social responsibility” or “Corporate Social Responsibility”. How diverse these approaches are, show our Green Pearls® partners of the Creative Hotel Luise, Green City Hotel Vauban, Hotel Lamm, Wild Mahseer and Zeavola Resort.

Family-friendly employer

Since March, 2019 the Creativhotel Luise is member of the initiative “family pact Bavaria”. To become a member, enterprises have to implement family-friendly measures and support the compatibility of family and occupation in day to day business. Some of the aspects are family-friendly organization of daily work routine, regulations of issues like the illness of children, the organization of working hours and holiday times in favor of the parents as well as the offer for home office for more flexibility. As a family-friendly enterprise the Creativhotel Luise supports mothers and fathers in the company to combine work and family.

Equal opportunities in Freiburg

Social responsibility is the core philosophy of the Green City Hotel Vauban in Freiburg, inclusion is lived here day for day. The non-profit operated hotel offers people with disabilities, having only few chances on the classical job market, a professional perspective as well as a healthy social environment. Half of the 20 employees are disabled and are welcomed and respected members of the hotel team.

Full bellies create happy faces

Every Friday the team of the Zeavola Resort cooks for the students and teachers of the Baan Laem Tong School located only five minutes from the resort. Due to the remote location it is difficult for the school to get any financial support and to feed the students daily. Hence, the project of the eco-resort is a big support. The lunch project is financed with the help of the hotel revenues – the Zeavola Resort invests three US dollar per guest and overnight stay for food every Friday.

Support of the community

To support local communities, the resort Wild Mahseer operated by the Balipara Foundation organizes overnight stays at private lodgings in three nearby municipalities. Thus, the resort promotes sustainable tourism in the region from which the inhabitants from the Nyishi Community Village, Garo Community Village and Mishing Community Village profit, and ensures fair and reliable income. At the same time the visitors are provided authentic experiences of the traditional life in the tea region Assam.

All for many

At the Hotel Lamm social sustainability is demonstrated on several levels. At the end of 2018 owner Katrin Holl has hired an employee with a severe handicap which allows her to live independently. Besides the Hotel Lamm supports the education of young first assistants at regional schools as well as the Red Cross. However, not only the hotel management supports social sustainability, but also the employees: in 2018 they renounced the Christmas celebration and made a donation to two social facilities instead.

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