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Little Hotelier. The software system that’s one with small Thai properties.

For many of the tens of thousands of small to medium-sized accommodation providers in Thailand, the last 12 months has been a time of renewal and rebirth. So far in November, over 70% of bookings to Thai properties have come from international travellers, and in a location such as Chiang Mai, the number of reservations currently being placed is outpacing the volume of this same time in 2019.

Importantly, there is also a spike of arrivals on the horizon, with approximately 16% of all current stays booked to Thai properties due to arrive in the two weeks around New Year’s Eve.

For any Thai B&B, guesthouse, boutique hotel, motel, or other small property, this is an exciting period to be updating how their property is operating – ensuring that the way they are presenting themselves online is the way that their growing number of guests has come to expect.

Small accommodation businesses looking to refresh need a strong tech partner, and Little Hotelier is simple software a manager is instantly at one with. Not only are all services and support 100% available in Thai (Little Hotelier has been available in Thailand for 10 years now), but it’s a system that truly understands the small property owner’s needs.

The number one priority at Little Hotelier has always been to empower small accommodation managers, by enabling them to deliver great guest experiences, while living life to the fullest.

That simply can’t be achieved without technology, but technology also doesn’t need to be complicated. That’s why Little Hotelier has designed a simple solution to save property managers time and money, day after day.

So what are some of the key features of Little Hotelier that make it so special?

Direct bookings to boost revenue
Little Hotelier gives small property owners the power to accept direct bookings online and avoid paying high commission fees. Through a simple online booking engine, guests can book rooms directly from the accommodation’s website, its Facebook page, or via metasearch sites like Google Hotel Ads. In a few clicks, they can choose their room and dates, extras or add-ons, and make a payment.

“With Little Hotelier’s solutions we’re able to simply update our inventory and pricing on all OTAs instantly, take reservations straight from our website and via our Facebook page with the online booking engine, and give guests more freedom to book from anywhere on their mobile phone. Our international guests can now also see pricing and support information in more languages.”
— The Beach Natural Resort, Koh Kood

With Little Hotelier’s booking engine feature, a property can increase its direct bookings by up to 43%.

A simple, all-in-one solution

Little Hotelier is the single solution that manages and controls a small property’s operations and distribution, with a channel manager allowing properties to be seen in more places, and direct bookings to make sure a revenue opportunity is never missed.

The freedom of a mobile app

What’s more, Little Hotelier’s handy new mobile app means small property owners can stay connected to all their technology, wherever they are, including their channel manager and booking engine.

“The new app is much easier to navigate. We can see the calendar and look for openings to fill when we get inquiries. It’s easy to make reservations and block rooms. Everything is a massive improvement.”

— Samui Bayside Luxury, Koh Samui

Flexible pricing
Little Hotelier has also launched a hybrid flexible pricing model, for small accommodation owners who have a hybrid of subscriptions and transaction fees. The pricing model adjusts with their demand, so that managers only pay for technology that aligns with their average daily rate.

Onboarding and support in Thai

It takes an hour or less to set up – with no waiting on calls and days of onboarding. And with award winning support and learning, Little Hotelier’s Thai team is ready to support small property managers closely by phone, email, chat support, 100% available in Thai.
Because just like the software itself, the team speaks your language.

Smooth operations

With a simple set of features that are easy to learn and use, Little Hotelier’s technology makes the entire guest experience smooth and memorable, while allowing small property owners to enjoy the management process – and even live a little too. No wonder Little Hotelier has grown its customer base by over 35% since 2019.

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