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Love Should Never Be Mild – Ms.Maria & Mr.Singh

Most of you foodies must have heard of the renowned chef Gaggan Anand of Gaggan restaurant in Bangkok that proudly hold the rank of “No.1 Restaurant in the World” for many consecutive years. With that recognition, you will also realize that the waiting list for you to be able to try out the delectable cuisine at this place is almost as long as the innumerable credits and appreciation Gaggan has received over the years. Well, we’ve found a solution for that, or rather, chef Gaggan did!

Ms.Maria & Mr.Singh is Gaggan’s latest restaurant that opened in March 2020. It Boasts a fusion cuisine between India’s curry and Mexico’s salsa. And believe you me, that is kind of a neat combination.
Once you step in, you are at once taken through the story of how Ms.Maria, a Mexican girl and Mr.Singh, an Indian boy fell in love with each other’s hearts and cuisines. The road through this love story is via the menu offered. As chef Gaggan’s personal style, many of the dishes are presented with gastronomic effects.

We tried some of their highlights such as Papdi Chaat which was served by placing encapsulated yoghurt-chutney sauce with savory crisps and mash potatoes, followed by the cheesy Keema Quesadilla which was stuffed with minced curry lamb and mozzarella, and the Pork Vindaloo Wrap which was to mimic Mexico’s famous pulled-pork sandwich. The feast was followed by some of their flavored Kulfi Ice-cream and lastly their signature dessert of Mango Yuzu Snowball, which – as Gaggan has put it – was a perfect tropical bite to end our meal.
Ms.Maria & Mr.Singh is located in Ekamai Soi 6. There is limited parking space, and reservation is recommended.

Article by Sun A.

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