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MUJI celebrated the new store at Robinson Ratchaphruek, the first 2-storey roadside big-size store model and new good price zone, from minimal style to community connecting people in the community

Every space will be minimal! It is another important step for MUJI Thailand (MUJI) celebrating the opening of its new branch in Robinson Lifestyle Ratchaphruek to provide experience and Japanese simple style in the MUJI way to be easier to access for everyone and to have all dimensions of people’s lifestyles even more. 

MUJI has created a new and more colorful store by designing a two-story big-sized store on the 1st and 2nd floors of Robinson Lifestyle Ratchaphruek in a roadside format which was considered as the first roadside store in Thailand.  Moreover, MUJI lovers will be surprised by highlights and specials that will be brought to experience for the first time in the midst of a residential area and the connection point of many metropolitan areas. This reflected the journey of MUJI from a lifestyle brand that is in everyone’s daily life to become a community center that supports connecting people in the area. MUJI Robinson Lifestyle Ratchaphruek is ready for everyone from Friday, December 23, 2022 onwards.

Mr. Akihiro Kamogari, Managing Director of MUJI Retail (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said that MUJI Robinson Lifestyle Ratchaphruek is another new history of MUJI Thailand as the store was the first roadside model shop opened in a large road-side shopping center like Robinson Lifestyle Ratchaphruek.  The new store has been designed to be a two-storey store with a total area of over 1,700 square meters to provide a Japanese-style experience and simplicity in the MUJI style for everyone in the location where there are housing and roads connecting between Bangkok and many metropolitan areas easier and more convenient. No need to travel to the downtown or business areas shopping, people can hangout, meet and experience the lifestyle in the style of MUJI in the area near their own residential area.  They will still receive the same standard experience, product quality, and services as well as a new and different experience from other stores with the launch of new products and the two-story store format to match the consumption and lifestyle of people in residential areas even more.

As a highlight of MUJI Robinson Lifestyle Ratchaphruek, MUJI will open the good price zone below 300 baht for the first time in Thailand. The good price zone will gather popular high-quality products from various categories that are priced below 100 baht, 200 baht, and 300 baht. For example, 35 baht for a cleaning stick, 39 baht for facial blotting paper, 39 baht for a loofah sponge, 99 baht for a pair of house slippers, 99 baht for a towel, 290 baht for a seat cushion, 150 baht for a doormat, and 250 baht for an acrylic water bottle. Followed by the signature MUJI Coffee Corner that comes with Western style hot menu bakery, the new highlight menu, at reasonable prices from 59 – 119 baht. The menu includes croissant sandwich, Danish ring sandwich, and panini, which are the menu that meets the family lifestyle and the living of people in modern times who want quick, easy to eat, delicious, and stomach full meal. The food can be served as dine-in or take home in a ready-to-eat box to support the fast-paced lifestyle that wants convenience and versatility to be ready for other activities immediately, which the menu will be exclusively sold at this branch. Additionally, there will also be a cake menu and other Japanese sweets to choose from at an attractive price.

The next highlight is the Exclusive Early Launch Products of the skin care and hair care product line. This is the first time to develop a product that adds fragrance such as orange, floral, and lemon scents while the price has been reduced but still maintain the Japanese quality standards.  The products are suitable for people who love scented products from natural extracts with chemicals-free. The products consist of 3 formulas of shampoo and hair conditioner for specific care: formula for sensitive skin, damaged hair, and straight hair. The price of shampoo is 149 baht and hair conditioner is 199 baht. Body Soap Moist, Floral scent priced at 149 baht, Face Foam, Floral scent prices at 129 baht, Hand Soap, Lemon scent priced at 129 baht, and body lotion, Floral scent, priced at 129 baht.  Furthermore, MUJI CURRY, a curry product that is very popular in Japan, has been sold in Thailand for the first time.  It is characterized by the scent and taste of quality ingredients that are scented and mellow without artificial scent, favor, or color.  There are 5 flavors: BUTTER CHICKEN CURRY, DHAL CURRY, CHICKEN RENDANG, CHICKEN MASAK LEMAK, CHICKEN MASAK LEMAK, and CHICKEN KEEMA CURRY at only 139 baht.  The MUJI CURRY will be launched and available exclusively at MUJI Robinson Lifestyle Ratchaphruek for the first time before other MUJI stores.

In addition, there is a home appliances and home furniture zone for over 100-square-meter space.  New collection and various product categories, such as beds with all sizes and designs, along with the MUJI Interior Consultation Service providing interior design consulting service. There are also zones that should not miss such as clothing zones for men, women, and children at affordable prices, MUJI Green Zone –a plant zone that MUJI selects for home interior, and Normal Shop that sells natural products and refill products such as soap, detergent, shampoo at affordable prices to support the concept of Zero Waste that is friendly to the world. Meet MUJI Yourself to design patterns on paper products in their own way with many special stamps for selection.

Celebrate the opening of MUJI Robinson Lifestyle Ratchaphruek, a new MUJI store. Special! The first time with MUJI Soft Serve ice cream for 2 flavors: Hokkaido Milk and Green Tea. There are both cones and cups for 99 baht and 79 baht respectively.  The soft serve ice cream will be sold for only 3 months at the store

MUJI Robinson Lifestyle Ratchaphruek on the 1st and 2nd floor of Robinson Lifestyle Ratchaphruek has opened since December 23, 2022 onward at 10 a.m.

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