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“NEO” reveals a list of bike manufacturers who are interested to participate South-East Asian’s biggest bike event “ASEANBIKE 2019”

After the closing of INTERNATIONAL BANGKOK BIKE held during June 20-23, 2019, was concluded successfully. NEO as a leader of the biggest bike event exhibitor in Thailand, is still revving up to promote South-East Asean’s biggest bike event called ASEANBIKE 2019 which will be happening on October 3-5, 2019, at Impact Exhibition and Convention Center. NEO has recently announced the list of interesting bike manufacturers who are interested to participate in the upcoming ASEANBIKE event in Thailand. The list contains numerous of prominent bike manufacturer companies such as Raja Cycle: the biggest and covered-all-services bike manufacturer in Thailand. Raja Cycle is seen and perceived as an obvious well-known expertise in bike industry considering Raja Cycle’s unnumbered previous projects with famous Thai bike brands as well as other global brands from oversea. To ensure Raja Cycle’s production capabilities, Raja Cycle is reportedly to have a maximum bike production capability of up to 50,000 pieces per year. Moreover, Raja Cycle’s bike products are unanimously trusted by domestic and international traders due to product quality standard that has been approved by Europe’s product standard.

Beside from Raja Cycle, there are many more local bike manufacturers who have shown appreciation of joining ASEANBIKE 2019 as following: Bike, Apparel, andE-Bike. Obtaining such overwhelming interest after opening ASEANBIKE’s booth in INTERNATIONAL BANGKOK BIKE in order to promote ASEANBIKE event, is a huge significant step for NEO who is expecting from a collaborative event between NEO and Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH, an organizer of EUROBIKE in Germany – a largest cycling exhibition in the world, to be a great opportunity of generating a new market for bike industry, a business market for everyone who sees opportunities to create a new market for bike industry, and a business market for whom to see opportunities of exploring bike market in ASEAN countries and South-East Asian region. The most crucial factor is hoping ASEANBIKE event will be another way of propelling Thailand to become a central hub of business negotiation and bike industry in ASEAN region.

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