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New Breathe Pilates Studio: Holistic Fitness in Bangkok

Breathe Pilates, renowned as the Number 1 Pilates studio in Singapore, proudly announces its launch in the vibrant city of Bangkok. Offering a premium experience in small groups and private classes at friendly prices, Breathe Pilates sets itself apart as a leader in the fitness industry and is committed to support each individual’s journey in health and wellness, regardless of their goals.

Situated on the 4th floor of Erawan Bangkok, close to BTS Chidlom, Breathe Pilates boasts the best convenient location for fitness enthusiasts. The studio focuses on maintaining small class sizes, with a maximum of eight people per session, ensuring personalized attention to detail in every class.

Distinguishing itself further, Breathe Pilates is home to professional instructors who bring expertise to clinical and prenatal classes. Additionally, Breathe Pilates is the Training Centre for STOTT Pilates in Singapore and Bangkok, further solidifying its commitment to excellence in Pilates instruction. The Instructors Training Center at Breathe Pilates is the first and only facility offering Thai language Pilates instructor training courses in Bangkok, catering to a diverse audience.

At Breathe Pilates, inclusivity is key. No prior Pilates experience is necessary; beginners are warmly welcomed.

Breathe Pilates offers a variety of classes, including Reformer and Tower sessions that combine the best of both worlds. The Reformer Foundation class focuses on challenging balance, strength, and mobility, while the Fat Blast class integrates Pilates principles into a dynamic, fat-burning workout. Stretch Pilates provides a gentle workout and deep stretch, promoting flexibility and reducing body aches.

For expecting mothers, the Prenatal Pilates sessions at Breathe are unparalleled. Led by experienced instructors and healthcare professionals, these sessions concentrate on strengthening the pelvic floor and back muscles, ensuring a smooth pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.

For those seeking rehabilitative benefits, Breathe Pilates offers Clinical Pilates classes led by a certified Rehabilitative Pilates instructor. Specially trained rehab instructors will assess each participant’s physical condition, ensuring that activities are tailored to their individual needs. These one-on-one supervised sessions focus on injury management and prevention.

Breathe Pilates invites the people of Bangkok to experience the best in Pilates – a harmonious blend of premium instruction, convenient location, and diverse class offerings. Join us at our new studio as we redefine fitness in the heart of Bangkok.

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