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New Class Archer and Awakened Form Fletcher Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss announced today that the new Archer class has finally arrived along with his awakened form Fletcher in Black Desert Mobile. To celebrate the arrival of this class, Adventurers can get various special rewards that will help them grow their new characters faster for a limited time.

Starting today, Adventurers who play the new class can now choose between Archer, which is both the original and Ascended form of this class, or Fletcher, the class’s Awakened form. Both are bow wielders but have completely different combat styles.

The Archer’s main weapon is the Crossbow. Attached to his arm for maximum speed and agility, this main weapon makes the Archer faster than any other class in Black Desert Mobile. A divine gauntlet, the Ra’ghon, gives him the power of light, which allows him to fire magical arrows to rain down deadly damage upon his enemies.

The Fletcher, on the other hand, uses the Greatbow as his main weapon, which shoots large, spear-like arrows called Divine Piercers that cast fatal damage to enemies. He can track down enemies from afar with this weapon set, earning him the title of the “Overseer of Battle.”

To celebrate the arrival of the Archer and Fletcher, special login rewards will be available, including a Level 60 Character Generator Coupon, a Tier 5 Panda, and an Abyssal Accessory Selection Chest. These rewards will help Adventurers level up their characters quickly.

Last but not least, all gear and equipment can now be used by Adventurers regardless of their Black Spirit’s Awakening level. With this update, everyone can start equipping high-grade gear and weapons to take on more difficult challenges.

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