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New Independent Hotel Management Launch for Southeast Asia

SKY HOTEL MANAGEMENT is Based in Bangkok. 

The new company Sky Hotel Management is an Independent Hotel Management Company or so called Third Party Operator (TPO). The structure is such, whereby a hotel or condominium enters in a Franchise agreement with an International Brand and then engages in a hotel management agreement with a separate operator, being the independent hotel management company, in this case Sky Hotel Management. With the franchise agreement, the international brand merely provides the license of the brand, the use of the distribution system (reservation network) and the loyalty program of the Brand.

This model provides various advantages to certain owners and franchising of hotels and resorts has become more and more in demand in the region, with large brands being eager to it roll out. The practice of using TPO’s is already widely accepted in USA, EU and Middle East, but in Asia a growing trend. With the franchise model maturing the demand for independent management solution is increasing in recent times.

Mark Van Ogtrop, director of Beacon Sky Hospitality : “We are very excited to roll out this new management platform as we witness demand for such structures from owning companies, that are looking for more flexible, more cost effective ways of managing their assets and using a hotel management company that wishes to have to interest of owners more in mind”.
“Sky Hotel Management” is a subsidiary of “Beacon Sky Hospitality Co, Ltd”, with offices in Bangkok and Phuket and servicing South East Asia Region.


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