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New Legatus Class Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss announced today that the new Legatus class is now available in Black Desert Mobile. Legendary Dream Horse “Doom” has also arrived to accompany Adventurers.

Legatus, the Last Hero that rules with the power of Lightning, will be available as an Awakened class, and can stir the battlefield with his quick and irregular combat style to lead the enemy into an unpredictable whirlwind of battle.

He wields the Kibelius as his main weapon to control the power of lightning and assault his enemies with a hail of deadly thunderbolts. Legatus’ ancient sub-weapon, the Arkanon, further strengthens the power of the Kyve.

Armed with these weapons, Legatus attacks opponents using a variety of powerful skills. “Power of Kibelius” enables Legatus to strengthen himself by drawing power from the Kibelius, and he can also employ destructive skills such as “Divine Punishment,” which summons an enormous spear and empowers the Arkanon with the power of lightning.

In addition to the new class, Adventurers can also enjoy the new legendary Dream Horse, Doom. With a body entirely engulfed in flames, Doom has unique traits not only in performance but also in appearance. Doom provides a significantly increased horse inventory weight and better mobility than a Tier 8 Horse.

Adventurers can obtain a Doom by awakening a Level 10 Tier 8 Horse in the Camp Stable after completing the “Legendary Dream Horse” story. Other requirements include obtaining Krogdalo’s Spirit Stones and a Glowing Root, a material that can be obtained in the newest region Kamasylvia.

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