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NIVEA & Watsons: Skincare Meets Ocean Care!

Showing commitment to both caring for ourselves and our environment, NIVEA Sun, the world-class sun protection product trusted by Thai people, and Watsons Thailand, the leading health and beauty store, have collaborated for the second year of “Care for your skin and sea” project. This initiative encourages customers to not only protect their skin from the sun and pollution but also contribute to the preservation of Thailand’s marine ecosystem. By purchasing NIVEA Sun sunscreen products (proven to be coral reef and environmentally-friendly formulations) through any Watsons stores nationwide between March 28th and April 24th, 2024, NIVEA Sun will donate one baht to the Raks Thai Foundation. These contributions will support the ongoing conservation and protection efforts aimed at ensuring the sustainability of Thailand’s marine biodiversity.

During the summer season, marine destinations, especially in Thailand with its beautiful seas and crystal-clear waters, are highly popular for tourists. However, a concerning issue arises as many tourists remain unaware of the ingredients found in some sunscreens used, as certain chemical components within these products pose significant threats to coral reefs and marine life, leading to detrimental impacts on the marine ecosystem. This issue underscores the critical importance for sun protection product manufacturers to prioritize selecting ingredients that do not harm coral reefs. NIVEA Sun has developed a sunscreen formula that is environmentally friendly by excluding harmful substances such as Oxybenzone, Benzophenone, BP-3, Octinoxate, Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, 4-Methylbenzylid Camphor-4MBC, and Butylparaben.

Stephanie Barraud, Senior Vice President – MU ASEAN, Beiersdorf Co., Ltd. said “At Beiersdorf, our business commitment extends beyond delivering high-quality skincare products. We recognize the vital importance of environmental conservation for the sustainability of our planet. Through our ongoing mission of C.A.R.E.+ (Care Beyond Skin), we prioritize initiatives such as preserving water sources. Also, NIVEA Sun, a product we take pride in, stands as a testament to these principles, being 100% friendly to coral reefs and the environment. We’re proud to partner with Watsons Thailand for the second year, facilitating our customers’ participation in protecting our seas and coral reefs. By purchasing NIVEA Sun sunscreen products at Watsons, you’re not only caring for your skin but also contributing to environmental conservation at once.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to help preserve Thailand’s seas this summer with the “Care for your skin and sea” project. NIVEA Sun will donate one baht from each product sold at Watsons stores nationwide, with the highest donation capped at 100,000 baht from every purchase across all Watsons’ stores and distribution channels from March 28th to April 24th, 2024. The donation will proceed directly to the Raks Thai Foundation in an ongoing effort to conserve Thailand’s coral reefs and marine resources.

“Preserving the beauty of our world is a collective effort that relies on cooperation and ongoing action. Just as we’ve been fortunate to receive support from Watsons Thailand and the Raks Thai Foundation. We hope that this project will receive the same positive response as before, and we aspire to serve as a beacon of inspiration, motivating others to value and protect our natural resources, ensuring a sustainable and livable world for all.” Stephanie concluded.

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