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Norwegian Viva: Revolutionizing Luxury Cruising in 2023

Norwegian Cruise Line Takes Delivery Of Norwegian Viva.In the realm of luxury cruising, a new titan has emerged. The Norwegian Viva, the latest masterpiece from Norwegian Cruise Line, embarked on its maiden voyage from San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 2023. As the 19th vessel in their illustrious fleet and the second in the revolutionary Prima Class, Viva is not just a ship—it’s a floating marvel that transcends traditional cruise experiences.

A Symphony of Unmatched Experiences.

Norwegian Viva is synonymous with a diverse array of unparalleled experiences. From its majestic dining venues and enthralling entertainment options to the plethora of activities and serene relaxation spots, every inch of this vessel is designed to elevate the cruise experience.

Sun-Soaked Splendor at Infinity Beach

Imagine basking in the sun, surrounded by the endless ocean. Viva’s Infinity Beach, located on Deck 8, offers just that with its two stunning Infinity Pools, complemented by cozy daybeds and lounge chairs. These pools, strategically placed to give the impression of merging with the horizon, are the epitome of relaxation. On Deck 17, the main pool deck adds to this water paradise with its infinity hot tubs, a pool bar, and a tidal wave waterslide, ensuring fun for all ages.

Where to Soak Up the Sun
Where to Soak Up the Sun.

A Global Gastronomic Journey.

Dining on the Viva is a global adventure. The ship boasts a variety of complimentary dining options, including the Indulge Food Hall with its 11 global stations, offering everything from Indian to Italian cuisines. The main dining room, Hudson’s, provides panoramic ocean views and a menu crafted from the freshest ingredients. The ship houses specialty restaurants like the Mediterranean-inspired Palomar and the sustainability-focused Metropolitan bar for those special evenings.

Where to Get Your Eat On

Entertainment That Transcends Expectations.

The Viva Theatre and Club transforms from a three-story theatre to a Vegas-style nightclub, offering entertainment like ‘Press Your Luck Live’ and ‘Beetlejuice: The Musical.’ The Penrose Atrium provides stunning views and a serene ambience for a more laid-back vibe. Thrill-seekers can enjoy The Viva Speedway, the first-ever three-level race track at sea, or experience The Rush and The Drop, the fastest dry slides on the water.

Where to Be Amazed

Wellness and Adventure in Harmony.

The Mandara Spa & Salon, with its charcoal sauna and specialty treatments, is a haven for those seeking relaxation and self-care. The one-third-mile Ocean Boulevard boardwalk offers a perfect blend of leisure and excitement with its restaurants, bars, and the unique Oceanwalk glass walkway.

Journey Across Continents.

Norwegian Viva caters to a diverse range of travel preferences with various European and Caribbean itineraries. The ongoing Black Friday sale presents an excellent opportunity for travellers to board this luxurious vessel.

Norwegian Viva is not just a cruise ship; it’s a testament to the evolution of luxury travel. As it sails into the horizon, it promises to redefine what we expect from a cruise, offering an experience as unforgettable as it is magnificent.

Redefining the Art of Cruising.

Norwegian Viva’s design ethos marks a paradigm shift in the world of cruising. It’s not just about travelling from one destination to another; it’s about the journey itself. This ship redefines luxury, weaving it into every detail, from its architecture to its onboard experiences. Each space on the Viva is meticulously crafted, ensuring guests are enveloped in an ambience of elegance and sophistication throughout their journey.Where to Get Your Thrills

Indulgence for Every Palate.

The culinary journey on the Norwegian Viva is as diverse as it is exquisite. The ship’s complimentary dining options testify to its commitment to quality and variety. At the heart of these dining experiences is the Indulge Food Hall, where guests can explore a world of flavours, from spicy Indian delicacies to classic Italian kinds of pasta, all included in the cruise fare. The Surfside Café and Grill offers a more casual dining experience, perfect for those who prefer a quick, delicious bite.

For a more refined dining experience, Hudson’s and The Commodore Room offer stunning ocean views and an array of sumptuous dishes. These main dining rooms embody the essence of fine dining at sea, with daily menus featuring fresh, high-quality ingredients and a range of international cuisines.

A New Benchmark in Specialty Dining.

The Viva also sets a new standard in specialty dining. Palomar, the ship’s Mediterranean restaurant, offers an opulent seafood menu, including delicacies like salted fish and grilled octopus. The Metropolitan Bar’s craft cocktails and biodynamic wines represent a commitment to sustainability, allowing guests to indulge responsibly. Hasuki, the updated teppanyaki-style restaurant, and Le Bistro, with its French cuisine and stunning décor, round out the specialty dining offerings, each adding unique flavour to the Viva’s culinary tapestry.

Unprecedented Entertainment and Leisure.

Entertainment aboard the Viva is unparalleled. The transformational Viva Theater and Club is an architectural marvel, seamlessly transitioning from a grand theatre into a vibrant nightclub. The Penrose Atrium is a tranquil oasis, perfect for those seeking a peaceful moment to enjoy a coffee or an evening cocktail, with stunning views at every turn.

The Viva Speedway, a groundbreaking three-level race track, offers an adrenaline-pumping experience at sea. For those seeking a thrill, The Rush and The Drop slides provide heart-racing excitement with unparalleled views.

A Haven of Wellness and Relaxation.

The Mandara Spa & Salon, a sanctuary of wellness and relaxation, is a highlight of the Norwegian Viva. The spa features over 50 specialty treatments, a charcoal sauna, and a stunning two-story waterfall. It’s an oasis of tranquillity, offering guests a chance to rejuvenate and recharge.

An Adventure on Every Deck.

The Viva’s Ocean Boulevard is a marvel in itself. This one-third-mile boardwalk is a hub of activity, featuring restaurants, bars, and unique attractions like the Oceanwalk and The Concourse, an outdoor sculpture garden. It’s the perfect place for guests to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Sail to Diverse Destinations.

Norwegian Viva offers a variety of itineraries catering to a wide array of travel preferences. Whether exploring the rich cultures of Europe or basking in the tropical sun of The Caribbean, Viva provides an unmatched journey. The ongoing Black Friday sale is an excellent opportunity for travellers to experience this magnificent vessel at an exceptional value.




Written by: My Thanh Pham







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