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ONYX Group’s Bold Move: Global Expansion Ignites Market

ONYX Hospitality Group Unveils Exquisite Addition to Luxury Market with Launch of Amari Raaya MaldivesIn a bold move that heralds a new era in hospitality, the ONYX Hospitality Group, headquartered in the bustling city of Bangkok, is set to unveil its visionary expansion plans at the eminent travel trade fair, WTM London. This strategic showcase, spanning from November 6th to 8th, 2023, marks a pivotal moment for the esteemed conglomerate known for its bespoke hotels and residences that span the breadth of the Asia Pacific.

Emerging from the shadows of a global pause, ONYX is poised to shine a light on its commitment to “The Best Medium-sized Hospitality Management Company in Southeast Asia.” This isn’t just a slogan; it’s a testament to their aggressive expansion strategy designed to weave long-term, prosperous partnerships within the industry tapestry.

The group’s portfolio, a constellation of 44 properties including Amari, OZO, Shama, and Oriental Residence, is a testament to their tailored approach to hospitality. These brands have become synonymous with elegance and innovation, catering to the nuanced needs of modern travellers.

The expansion narrative of ONYX is nothing short of ambitious. With the ink barely dry on the grand opening announcement of the Amari Raaya Maldives, they are already plotting the course for over 50 properties by 2025 and a lofty 70 by 2028. In the pipeline are ten new properties, nine of which will unfurl their grandeur in 2024 alone.

The growth story is told through numbers that dance to the tune of success. UK travellers have flocked to ONYX properties, surpassing the pre-pandemic levels with a staggering 13% increase from 2019 and an even more remarkable 72.4% surge from last year. The Shama brand, in particular, has seen its numbers soar, with growth metrics that defy gravity, up by 126.81% from the previous year.

ONYX’s allure in the UK is not by chance. Their beachfront resorts have become the go-to for families, couples, and groups seeking solace or celebration on sandy shores. The overall portfolio in Thailand has seen an 18.26% increase, signalling an insatiable appetite for the ONYX hospitality brand.

The company’s strategic compass points firmly towards Southeast Asia, with Thailand and Malaysia’s vibrant markets in the crosshairs. But their aspirations don’t end there. Hong Kong is the next frontier, with plans to weave its brand into the fabric of this dynamic metropolis. The horizon stretches even further to Indonesia, where the cultural mosaic of Bali and Jakarta beckons.

A jewel in the ONYX crown, Amari Bangkok, stands renewed and reinvigorated after three decades of service. The rechristening from Amari Watergate Bangkok to Amari Bangkok is a nod to the city’s ever-evolving identity. This is more than a name change; it celebrates Bangkok’s dynamism, now mirrored in Amari’s ethos, “Brighten Your World.”

The hotel’s transformation is comprehensive, from premier rooms to culinary havens like Amaya Food Gallery, Prego Bangkok, and the soon-to-be-unveiled Chom Sindh and Nila. In 2024, the ‘maai spa’ will open its doors, offering an experience as luxurious and transformative as silk.

Mr. Yuthachai Charanachitta, CEO of ONYX Hospitality Group, encapsulates the vision: “We are on a mission to redefine hospitality in Southeast Asia, infusing each guest experience with unparalleled quality and sustainable practices. The relaunch of Amari Bangkok is a tribute to our heritage, a beacon of our commitment to being the premier city venue for MICE.”

As the doors of WTM London open, ONYX Hospitality Group extends an invitation to witness the unfolding of its grand plans. This entity is not just keeping pace but setting the tempo for a thriving, sustainable future in hospitality.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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