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Monday, December 11, 2023

Travel Safe with New SOS Global Accommodation!

International SOS - logoInternational SOS, the global leader in health and security services, has announced the launch of its upgraded safe accommodation services to meet the evolving demands of business travel in today’s complex landscape. With international travel resuming amid ongoing challenges, International SOS is committed to ensuring the safety and security of travellers through its innovative offerings.

The new enhanced safe accommodation service is designed to support clients in providing secure lodging options for their travelling staff, a crucial element of a comprehensive travel risk management plan in line with ISO 31030:2021 guidelines. International SOS’ expanded services encompass a tailored workforce resilience subscription, round-the-clock assistance, expert consulting, and a strategic partnership with Safehotels, the world’s premier hotel safety and security certification company.

The rising rates of global travel, the aftermath of COVID-19 restrictions, and recent geopolitical tensions have underscored the importance for businesses to assess the safety and security of accommodations for their travelling workforce and assignees. While most stays go without incident, the need to evaluate accommodation risks has become more apparent due to the increasing prevalence of terrorism, including attacks targeting hotels.

To address these challenges, International SOS has significantly bolstered its capabilities in advising businesses on keeping their employees safe when staying abroad, incorporating an enhanced Hotel Security Advisor feature. Leveraging its extensive expertise and robust assessment methodology, International SOS is well-equipped to manage hotel incidents in various global locations, including Mumbai, Bamako, Ouagadougou, and Jakarta. This, combined with its operational presence in diverse risk environments worldwide, positions International SOS as a leading provider of accommodation-related support for its clients.

Laurent Fourier, CEO of Health & Security Subscription Services at International SOS, emphasized the importance of organizations fulfilling their Duty of Care responsibilities by adhering to thorough vetting and selection processes. He stated, “To maximize the safety of travelers and assignees, business leaders need access to information on the most suitable options in their desired locations, including potentially remote or high-risk areas. We are supporting our clients in mitigating security and health risks to their people by offering a structured suite of secure accommodation services, including detailed and up-to-date intelligence on potential security or health risks.”

Enhanced International SOS Accommodation Services Ecosystem:

  1. Workforce Resilience Subscription: Organizations planning international travel for their employees can now access safe hotel options.
    • Enhances employee health and well-being, bolstering organizational resilience.
    • Access to International SOS’ vetted, security-assessed hotel database comprising 1,100 hotels and Safehotels’ database.
    • Provides safe accommodation training through a digital learning portfolio.
    • Offers live monitoring of trip and accommodation details through the Tracker function and Active Monitoring and Journey Management services.
  2. 24/7 Assistance: Ahead of international business trips, organizations can verify the suitability of booked accommodations.
    • Access to 24/7 safe, profile-specific accommodation advice based on itineraries and circumstances.
    • Direct access to security experts for accommodation-related needs in the context of incidents or evacuations.
    • Comprehensive end-to-end journey management and active monitoring in high-risk locations.
  3. Consulting: In-depth risk assessments of hotels and their surroundings are available for security teams.
    • Includes in-depth analysis and on-the-ground risk reviews of specific hotels related to trips, events, or assignments.
    • Provides access to a customized vetted hotel database based on operational locations.
    • Offers profile-specific accommodation recommendations and physical assessments for assignees.
  4. Partnership with Safehotels: Collaborating with Safehotels brings additional expertise and on-the-ground assessments of hotel safety, security, and hygiene.
    • Safehotels’ independently set standards, recognized by UNISDR and ICCA, verify hotels’ safety, security, cleanliness, and hygiene.
    • Standardized hotel certification levels (Standard, Premium, or Executive).
    • In-depth assessments of hotel property safety and security, training, security systems, fire systems, crisis management, and enhanced security for high-risk locations.

This partnership significantly expands the range of safety and security-credentialed hotel options available to International SOS clients, ensuring a higher level of safety for travelling employees.

Please visit here for more information on how International SOS can help safeguard your workforce.

To learn more about International SOS’ digital training portfolio, click here.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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