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Paul Hayward and Panthera Group Thailand expands their pack to include Moli Media Group (MMG)

The rise of China is undeniable. Increasing growth in spending power and population makes the country’s market an object of intrigue for many businesses, including those in Thailand. However, entering this market can be challenging — cultural and legal differences make it difficult for new businesses to tailor the perfect approach to an unfamiliar country. This is when a third party with the relevant experience and qualifications can step in and help businesses find effective strategies. Panthera Group’s new venture, MMG, will provide sales and marketing solutions for Thai brands looking to access the very lucrative Chinese consumer market. MMG can help to carefully craft effective messages specifically targeted to particular clients — the ideal way to enter the new territory.

Panthera, a leading investment and development group, has accumulated varied expertise in analyzing demographic and psychographic information necessary for successful penetration of the Chinese market. “The Chinese consumer market spending power is a 20 billion USD annually,” said Panthera Co-Founder Paul Hayward. “Thailand is the holiday destination of choice for Chinese tourists and it’s expected to grow further as a very small percentage of Chinese citizens have passports. Thai companies are very motivated to access this market, but they don’t know how to do it.”

A group of professionals from various industries in both countries will be working on determining the development of MMG as a company. Jackie Yang will run the company as the only Chinese executive, while Ben Baskins, Panthera marketing director, will be overseeing the business plan on behalf of the Panthera board of directors. Although the new company is committed to supporting the development of business relationship between the two countries, its main obligations and commitments are to the people of Thailand and to Thai business.

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