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Phuket to Open in October But with a Catch

The Thai Government has announced that tourists will be welcome back at its popular island destination of Phuket from October, provided they stay on holiday for at least 30 days.

Visitors will be required to stay for two weeks in hotel quarantine as part of the 30 days, including taking two separate COVID tests, after which they can visit any part of the island.

This is a hard sell as a 30 days’ vacation on a resort is not cheap and of course, on the top of the 30 days’ vacation, flights, meals and drinks, if anyone thinks about taking this, they must also bear in mind the cost of quarantining on the return.

This will be off-limits for Australians now as our borders are closed, but when our border will open let’s hope that this will no longer be in place.

Thailand hasn’t had a confirmed case of a local transmission for nearly three months, according to its government’s figures, well done Thailand!

Written By: Joseph Cusmano

Source: Stray Namads

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