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PM underlines need for emergency decree

The Prime Minister has reiterated the need for the Emergency Decree to maintain peace and order in the nation but pressed authorities to be careful in their enforcement of the law, dismissing concerns he could be pressured out of his post and confirming the genuine intention to find a solution to the nation’s political woes.

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, making a news media announcement after a special convening of the cabinet on the severe emergency decree issued in Bangkok, stated the declaration was made to maintain peace and stability in the nation and to avoid the escalation of conflict. He added that he has told authorities to be mindful of their actions in enforcing the law and aded that the decree as of now is only intended to apply for a 30-day period. He warned protestors against violation of the law and asked guardians to protect young people taking part in the gatherings due to safety concerns.

The PM proceeded to give an assurance he would not be stepping down despite pressure from protestors, reiterating that he had done nothing wrong. He said the government was genuine in its desire to find a solution to the situation and to hear the views of all sides, noting Parliament would reconvene in only two weeks.

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