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Pride Blossoms: Avani+ Celebrates with Buddies

Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel is celebrating Pride Month 2023 with an exhibition of diverse art creations by Thai LGBTQAI+ artists that delve into themes of gender, self-expression, and joy. The captivating showcase is spread across the riverside hotel’s public areas and surrounds and is open for public viewing during the month of June.

Curated by renowned Thai artist and writer, Mr Oat Montien, the “Blossom Buddies” group art exhibition features pieces by twelve artists in diverse mediums, including mixed media, fine art, installation, photography, fashion, and textile.

According to Montien, the overriding theme of the exhibition pieces reflects the beauty and diversity of the human body in different contexts. “The context of each piece is the artist’s vision and translation and is intended to spark imagination and ignite curiosity”, he said.

Dominating the hotel’s foyer, “Ready to Love” by 24-year-old Mr Phawit Prawat, aka SM Veed, challenges traditional notions of marriage and norms through a hand painted bridal gown. Questioning societal rules, this vibrant artwork invites the viewer to rethink marriage, equality, and the concept of normal.

“Love Blossom” by photographer and fashion editor Mr Surachai Saengsuwan is a portrait series that blends nude human forms and flowers, showcasing humanity’s diversity and connection to nature to discover the beauty of individuality and love’s blossoming.

Through photographs and personal narratives, “Our Trans Life Journey” by various artists in the hotel’s panoramic lobby offers glimpses into the lives of individuals on the transgender spectrum and provides a space to share their stories and embrace their authentic selves.

The hotel’s public bathrooms also provide a canvas for reflecting on societal rules, with transgender model and artist Ms Krittanatcha’s “Doctor Feels Good” series of embroideries that explores ideas of acceptable femininity in the complex setting of the female bathroom. In the male bathroom, fashion illustrator Mr Burin Pong’s “BKKBOI” installation uses the lens of satire and the realm of video games to challenge body ideals and media representation through homoerotic fighters on faux cowhide, inviting reflection on societal pressures.

At the sky-high SEEN Restaurant & Bar, Mr Naraphat Sakarthornsap invites diners to experience his story of self-discovery through The Garden of Impermanence cocktails that include “Bursting Petals” representing the purity of childhood; “Hidden Pollen” that explores the masking and instability of adolescence; and “Flower Blooms After the Storm” that represents the freedom of maturity.

Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel’s “Blossom Buddies” group art exhibition is open daily during the month of June. For more information, visit avanihotels.com/riverside-bangkok or contact Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel on telephone +66 2 431 9100 or email avaniplus.bangkok@avanihotels.com.

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