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R3 Wraps Up CordaCon 2021 With Firm Commitment To Deliver Digital Trust To Regulated Industries, Accelerating Collaboration And Innovation

R3, the leading provider of enterprise technology and services for the development of multi-party solutions that enable direct, digital collaboration in regulated industries where trust is critical, concluded its flagship conference, CordaCon on 30 September, revealing its vision of delivering digital trust to drive growth for the digital economy. The three-day virtual conference, brought together leading blockchain technology experts from Nasdaq, Digipharm, Union of Arab Banks, London Stock Exchange Group, HSBC Ventures, Bank for International Settlements, AWS, Asia Development Bank and Monetary Authority of Singapore to discuss emerging trends in blockchain and digital transformation and how these foster greater collaborative opportunities in regulated markets.

During CordaCon 2021, R3 revealed that regulated markets are likely to undergo significant changes during the next decade. The digitization of the global economy has accelerated significantly following the onset of the pandemic, and organizations are doubling down on digital transformation to meet the growing demands for greater efficiencies, data privacy and enterprise security.

During the conference, R3 also announced that the next version of Corda, Corda 5, will incorporate and offer all the necessary next-generation frameworks. Corda 5 will offer unbreakable distributed workflows, greater resilience, true scalability, simpler packaging and deployment options, and also explore ledger interoperability in 2022 to enable a true atomic exchange of value and digital assets across DLT networks.

“Organizations are quickly realizing that their current business strategies will make it impossible for them to stay competitive. Companies that are willing to develop new operating systems, technological platforms, service models, and digital assets will find that today’s market dynamics offer significant business opportunities. We believe that digital trust will be the driving force behind the new digital economy.” said Amit Ghosh, Chief Information & Services Officer from R3.

All CordaCon 2021 sessions are available to stream here.

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