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Rachael Harding: Club Med’s Trailblazer Wins Prestigious ACES 2023 Honour

In a remarkable recognition of leadership excellence, Rachael Harding, CEO of Club Med for East, South Asia, and the Pacific, has been crowned as one of “Asia’s Most Inspiring Executives 2023” at the esteemed Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability (ACES) Award. This accolade cements her status as a visionary in the tourism sector, highlighting her influential role in steering Club Med to new heights.

Harding, based in Singapore, has been instrumental in reshaping Club Med’s presence in Asia Pacific’s commercial markets (excluding Mainland China). Her strategic vision navigates the intricate geo-centric dynamics of the region while ensuring a potent blend of profitable growth and brand authenticity. This strategy emphasizes nurturing mature markets and elevating emerging guest segments, showcasing a masterful balance of market acumen and innovative foresight.

Known for her inspiring and fresh approach to business, Harding’s leadership is characterized by a blend of creativity and a deep passion for the travel and tourism industry. With over 25 years of experience spanning various industry sectors, including retail, corporate, and wholesale, across the Asia Pacific, UK, and Europe, her career trajectory is illustrious.

Reflecting on her achievement, Harding expressed her gratitude, “I am humbled to be recognized as one of Asia’s Most Inspiring Executives 2023 at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Award. As a member of the tourism industry, I truly believe in the power of passion to deliver unforgettable guest experiences, which is the reason why I continue to invest in empowering our colleagues to achieve their fullest potential regardless of their skills and differences. This award bears testament to Club Med’s commitment to reinventing the alchemy of happiness – both for our guests and colleagues.”

Since joining Club Med in 2018 as the General Manager for Club Med Pacific (Australia and New Zealand), Harding has been a catalyst for growth. Within three years, she spearheaded a 26% growth in the Pacific market. Before her tenure at Club Med, she had an impressive 15-year stint with The Travel Corporation, leading to national sales growth and recognition as Saleswoman of the Year 2018, along with being named among the top 10 most influential women in the 2019 Travel Awards.

The ACES Award, inaugurated in 2014, stands as one of the most prestigious honours in Asia, celebrating inspiring leaders and advocates of sustainability. Rachael Harding’s recognition on this platform is a testament to her impactful leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence in the tourism industry.




Written by: Supaporn (Joom) Pholrach







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