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Razer Unveils The Ornata V3 Low-Profile Ergonomic Keyboard, Powered By Mecha-Membrane Technology

WHO: Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers.

WHAT: Today Razer announced the Ornata V3, Razer’s new entry-level low-profile gaming keyboard with Razer™ Mecha-membrane Switches. With its new, smaller footprint and slimline keycap design, the Ornata V3 meets the needs of modern gamers looking for a full-size gaming keyboard with added value features at an accessible price point.

With a more compact, modern design, the Ornata V3 is equipped with Razer™ Mecha-membrane Switches combining the best of both mechanical and membrane switch technology. The switches provide a soft cushioned touch for gaming comfort, along with a crisp tactility for the most satisfying clicks.

For maximum durability, the ABS keycaps of the Ornata V3 are UV-coated to improve fade and scratch resistance. The gaming keyboard is rounded off with Razer Chroma™ RGB with 10 lighting zones, backlit dedicated media keys and an ergonomic magnetic soft-touch wrist rest for long hours of play which is not often found in this price range.

Also announced today was the Ornata V3 X, offering the same compact yet full-size, low-profile form factor with durable UV-coated ABS keycaps and a spill-resistant design. The Ornata V3 X has silent membrane switches, Razer Chroma™ RGB with 1-zone lighting, and a detachable wrist rest for gaming comfort.

WHY: The Ornata V3 and V3 X are the perfect ergonomic low-profile keyboards with a wrist rest for gamers.

WHEN: Available Now

WHERE: Ornata V3: Online at Razer.com, in-store at RazerStore locations, and at selected retailers.
Ornata V3 X: In-store at RazerStore locations, and at selected retailers.

PRICE: Ornata V3: $69.99 USD / 99.99€ MSRP
Ornata V3 X: $39.99 USD / 49.99€ MSRP

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