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Ready for Summer! Sizzler serves you the new legend from the sea during the “Lobster Festival” with Canadian lobster, giant shrimps and 9 more first-class menus.

As summer arrives, what comes to mind during this season is seafood. It is undeniable that the special flavours add more fun to life and the seafood that most people think of may be shrimps, clams, crabs and fish are always delicious, and one of that seafood lovers should not miss out on is “lobster”. With the delicate care and time to obtain the very best quality, lobster is the first-class dish that everyone needs to try at least once with its unique characteristics of large size and dense texture gives a sweet and juicy taste, lobster is different from other sea-foods and has become a legend that captures the hearts of diners all over the world. Some may not yet have the opportunity to taste the wonders of lobster because of difficulty in finding and higher price. In order to provide a superior dining experience to everyone, Sizzler has a big surprise by flying Canadian lobsters from Canada creating an exclusive and affordable menu for you.

Mr. Kreetakorn Siriatha, General Manager of SLRT Company Limited; a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Plc.; a restaurant operator under the Sizzler brand, said that Sizzler is a restaurant that cares about providing special and varied dining experiences for customers and focuses on selecting quality raw foods that are fresh and exotic. Lobster is considered a rare dish in Thailand and is pricey, so many people have not yet tried it. Therefore, Sizzler has imported giant Canadian lobsters from Canada during the “Lobster Festival”. The lobsters are cooked by Sizzler’s expert chefs who are able to creatively bring out the essences of the lobster with nine different menus. The highlights include the giant premium Canadian Lobster Platter filled with the finest seafood ingredients, served with scallops, mussels baked in white wine and macaroni and cheese. This menu is available at only 5 branches. For lobster fans, it is guaranteed that every dish from the Lobster Festival will deliver an unforgettable flavour  that will make you come back for more.

Mrs. Nongchanok Stananonth, Assistant Vice President of Marketing Group of SLRT Company Limited; a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Plc.; a restaurant operator under the Sizzler brand, said that Sizzler had previously launched one or two lobster menus, but this time was much bigger than ever under the concept of a “Lobster Festival”. It showcases the lord of the sea in a magnificent way to pamper seafood and shrimp lovers with a wide variety of tastes of lobster served with appetizers of your choice including:

–         Premium Canadian Lobster Platter: With the idea of a platter that offers a variety of delicious dishes on a large plate representing the ocean habitat, this dish will satisfy people with different preferences, as they are able to share food from the same plate. The menu is packed with juicy lobster straight from Canada cut in half highlighting the meat and cooked in the traditional Sizzler style served with succulent scallops with cheese, mussels baked in white wine, lobster claws highlighting the hero of the dish and macaroni and baked cheese. It also includes the salad bar for 2 diners at a price of 2,299 baht. Available only at 5 branches, Fashion Island, Central Ladprao, Mega Bangna, Central Pinklao and the Central Westgate. Only 5 dishes are available per branch, and reservations are required.

–         Mixed Seafood Platter: the platter menu created especially for shrimp lovers. This menu is full of shrimp dishes cooked in a variety of styles, including hot grilled jumbo river prawns cut in half and filled with shrimp fat served with roasted shrimp, garlic butter and deep-fried breaded giant shrimp paired with a seafood sauce that is a perfect compliment. It also includes the salad bar for 2 people for 1,599 baht.

–         Canadian Lobster & Crab Pasta Carbonara for pasta lovers. Black pasta Carbonara cooked with a special recipe with thick cream sauce topped with egg yolk with a salty flavour from bacon and cheese and served with Canadian beef, big lobster and fresh crab for 459 baht.

–         Canadian Lobster & Prawn PastaSpecially prepared pasta for shrimp lovers enhancing the flavour by stir-frying with fresh chillies, sprinkled with cheese and chopped parsley for aroma served with tender Canadian lobster and large chunks of shrimp for 399 baht.

         Mariniere Black Mussel French Classic Sauce: dive deep into the ocean with an appetizer of big mussels baked in white wine and flavoured with a French sauce. This menu can be ordered with the bar salad or the main course for 199 baht.

In addition, there is an easy special menu: the seafood roll, with a variety of flavours served with crispy fries, available only at five branches, Fashion Island, Central Ladprao, Mega Bangna, Central Pinklao and Central Westgate and delivery from April 23, 2021.

         Sriracha Canadian Lobster Roll for 419 baht.

–         Canadian Lobster & Crab Roll with Truffle Sauce for 449 baht.

–         Classic Canadian Lobster & Prawn Roll for 419 baht.

–         Triple Canadian Lobster Roll & Prawns for 599 baht.

For those who wish to eat lobster at home, there is also a Canadian Lobster Rice bowl served with pickled ginger for 439 baht, available only for delivery.

Sizzler is ready to serve fresh happiness from the sea for everyone to experience the wonderful taste of their finest ingredients with Canadian lobsters shipped from one of the best lobster farms in the world. Share the deliciousness and good times with your close friends during the “Lobster Festival” with a variety of menus. In addition, there are trendy specialities such as fried hemp leaves which can be ordered for 50 baht each for a new dining experience. The hemp leaves are harvested by Agricultural Community Enterprise of Ban Thung Phaem organic farming in Mae Hong Son province and authorized by Ministry of Public Health as an ingredient. Hemp leaves are known for its medical features not only boosting appetite and easing mind but also helping sleep efficiency, Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital suggests a maximum dosage of 5 hemp leaves a day. Lobster Festival will be available from April 9th – May  31st 2021 (or until sold out) at all Sizzler branches nationwide. For more information, please contact Sizzler Public Relations at Tel: 02-365-6934 or visit the Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/SizzlerThai or www.sizzler.co.th.

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