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Reed Tradex unveils new brand identity and positioning

Reed Tradex today announced its evolution to RX Tradex, with a refreshed visual identity and updated brand positioning.

A member of RX, one of the world’s leading events organisers, with headquarters in London, UK, RX Tradex, in Bangkok, Thailand, is building on its flagship events business while also leveraging its capabilities in data and technology to create all year-round communities that support businesses and help their customers to grow.

Hugh Jones, RX CEO, commented: “The opportunities to combine both digital and face to face interactions have a significant part to play in the global economy. These innovative interactions will create better livelihoods for our customers, better careers for our people and profoundly better experiences for our audiences to connect, be that in person, virtually, or in combination.

We are building upon our deep familiarity and passion for the industries we serve. At RX, we know that making a positive impact on society and our customers means being fully committed to an inclusive work environment, so we are putting opportunity for all at the epicentre of everything we do.  Our new brand identity and proposition unites us behind a higher-level purpose that embraces this digital transformation to help our customers to grow their businesses. When people now ask me what we do, I say RX is in the business of building businesses so everyone can thrive whoever and wherever you are.”

Varaporn Dhamcharee, RX Tradex Managing Director, commented: “I am thrilled to unveil our new brand identity, which is symbolic of the changing nature of our wonderfully diverse events business.  At RX Tradex, we wholeheartedly embrace this new identity which is in line with our inclusive and innovative culture.  We see our events as the centre of diverse innovations, technologies, people, ideas, knowledge, and cultures that come together to create physical and online communities and opportunities that continue to enhance business and personal growth for our customers and our people all year round. While we continue to create physical events such as METALEX, Manufacturing Expo, FacTech, GFT, LOGISTIX, NEPCON Thailand, and COSMEX, we have already started building online communities. ASEAN’s first online platform dedicated to the metalworking industry, METALEX Digital Community (https://community.metalex.co.th),  has already welcomed over 2,400 members and over 500 metalworking products and technologies.

Our new brand identity supports  our digital transformation, serving  our customers online 24/7, 365 days, as well as during the physical show days.”

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