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Renown Royal Paragon Hall crowned as Bangkok’s No.1 World Class Venue

The Royal Paragon Hall, the world-renowned venue, was named the 1st choice venue for national and international event organizers, moving towards a growth rate of 10% per year, already having 2 years advanced booking.

Mr. Talun Theng, Managing Director of Royal Paragon Hall, said, “This year, the Royal Paragon Hall is aiming for 10% growth, as private companies and government agencies have begun to focus on organizing more events. The Royal Paragon Hall has therefore prepared for this growth by accelerating the creation of standard services from time to time, as well as upgrading the management team with expertise in both domestic and international marketing. All these considerations have led to the Royal Paragon Hall maintaining the leading Bangkok venue position. The industry overview for this year’s events is expected to have a growth rate of 5 – 10%, or a total value of 1.2 billion baht, which is considered a good growth rate.”

The Royal Paragon Hall’s marketing strategy, for this year, maintains the same focus, with the higher proportion focused on the domestic market with 70%, and 30% respectively for international markets.

Team availability  

“We reiterate to develop a strong internal management system, especially in the service area with emphasis on staff. The staff are sent to attend various international courses, which are recognized in the global MICE business, in order to enhance our service standards. Right now, the Royal Paragon Hall is the venue that has the most personnel attending international training programs in Thailand, consisting of: 11 CEM (Certified Exhibition Management) and we are sending 4 more people this year; 3 CMP (Certified Meeting Professional), we are the only venue in Thailand that has more than 2 personnel certified through this course and; EMD (Exhibition Management Development) which, according to the availability of the Royal Paragon Hall management team, aims to take part in an expansion plan that will take care of other venues as well. We are able to expand business opportunities, and expand the service, by being the organizer and the contractor for the event decorations, as customers can contract an event in the form of a One-Stop Service.”, said Mr. Talun.

Big awards guarantee our success

Throughout the years, the Royal Paragon Hall has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2018,  a prestigious regional award in which it was bestowed 2 categories: the Corporate Excellence Award category, which is given to successful organizations proven to be business leaders with continuous growth and with the implementation of a sustainable and concrete management policy and; the Outstanding Management Award category, which is awarded to leaders of organizations that are have achieved excellence in management matters, having managed with determination and intention to lead the organization to sustainable growth.

After having previously received the logo of the Exhibition Venue and Meeting Room, and the Thailand Superbrands Award 2017-2018 as a World Class venue brand, the Royal Paragon Hall shined under the spotlight and focused on continuing to be 1st choice for all. Therefore in 2019, in addition to all these recognitions of success, the Royal Paragon Hall achieved the Thailand MICE Venue Standard 2019 (Special Event Venue) logo, which is given to venues that have been evaluated highly by standard, venue type, special events such as concerts, entertainment shows, among other criteria.

“With all the outstanding recognitions and awards granted, the Royal Paragon Hall is booked 2 years in advance. Despite the rapid market changes, the event organizers still choose the Royal Paragon Hall as their first choice event venue. With its world standard services, the Royal Paragon Hall has gained the confidence of organizers and is still the leader of event, meeting, seminar and exhibition venues.” The sustainable venue  The Royal Paragon Hall also has a plan for sustainable development by participating in the Care the Bear Project of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, becoming part of the group of event organizers focused on reducing the global warming roadmap by holding the 52nd Diplomatic Red Cross Bazaar on last 2-3 March. The campaign aimed to encourage related parties to reduce greenhouse gas emission through 6 activities. These activities include: public transport travel; using recycled materials to reduce waste caused by events; reducing power consumption by using LED light bulbs; reducing paper and plastic usage. By carrying out various activities, and with good cooperation from all sectors, there was a reduction of the carbon footprint of up to 9,276 kg.CO2 for this event. This is the equivalent to planting 1,031 trees, which is an amazing result.  Highlight of recent and upcoming events  The overview of 2018 has many outstanding events, including: the Overwatch World Cup 2018,a global E-Sport competition that, as a major international event, needs a venue that has an advanced security system; the Thailand 2018 World Stamp Exhibition, a world-class postage stamp exhibition which is a big event that gathers Stamp collectors from around the world showcasing up to 2,600 frames that are worth over several billion baht in total; the Note Udom No.12 – Talk Show of the No. 1 comedian  mogul in Thailand, called “Udom Tae Panich” and; the Thailand Game Show 2018, the largest game event in Southeast Asia.

This year, many international organizers have put their trust in the renown Royal Paragon Hall, such as, IBM, Google, Herbal Life Bangalore and Kotra (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency). There are also many exciting upcoming events, including: “What The Fest!” Music Festival, a big music festival in the heart of Siam and; The “SINGING BIRD” concert, the No. 1 episode from “Song Request” and the first big concert of Bird Thongchai. Many new events have chosen the Royal Paragon Hall for the first time, such as: Go Go Travel, ASA Real Estate Forum 2019, Home and Condo Expo; adding to the repertoire of big events that are already held annually at the Royal Paragon Hall, as the SET in the City 2019 and the Thailand Game Show 2019.

No.1 choice for global entertainment The Royal Paragon Hall is extremely well located in the heart of Bangkok, making it the most convenient venue for organizing events that meet a wide range of target groups. As well as having world class safety standards, the services of professional organizer teams serve as a support team to offer a helping hand. These key factors have made the Royal Paragon Hall the first choice in the mind of entertainment organizers, both nationally and globally.

There are many artists and world-class performers who have held concerts at the Royal Paragon Hall, such as, Andrea Bocelli, Herbie Handcock, Olivia Newton John, Kenny Rogers, Andre Rieu, Ronan Keating, Michael Learns To Rock, Diana Krall, Les Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo, Disney Show, Bollywood Show, Barney Show, Little Big Club, The Illusionists, and many more.

“When bringing all of the above factors together, the Royal Paragon Hall will be able to grow sustainably. Furthermore, the Royal Paragon Hall has added several improvements to the event space, such as, new carpet in Paragon Hall 2-3 and, the introduction of the Visitor Management System to its security system, which checks the information of those who enter the area effectively. Besides being an event venue for that reaches across various target groups and with a location in the heart of Bangkok providing commute convenience, The Royal Paragon Hall honors the awards it has received by maintaining the standards that have led customers to place their trust in us, such as our security strengths and 3 systems of ISO and TIS standards.”, concluded Mr. Talun.

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