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Road Cycling India Coast to Coast

SpiceRoads Cycling is introducing a new road cycling tour in the South of India. Beginning in Chennai, on the Bay of Bengal, and finishing in Kochi, on the Arabian Sea, this dramatic new ride takes visitors from one coast of the sub-continent to the other.

The stage for this ride is the tropical provinces of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, home to some of India’s most recognizable regional cultures, fascinating Hindu sites, and well-preserved colonial architecture. Riders will enjoy coastal riding from Chennai to Pondicherry, before pushing inward to the Deccan Plateau and on to the historic city of Madurai, ending with a climb over the impressive Western Ghats and a descent into lush and verdant Kerala.

While India is not well known for road cycling, this new route follows quiet, scenic, and well-maintained roads for 970 kilometres through some of the best cycling on the sub-continent. “SpiceRoads is always on the hunt for the best road cycling experiences in emerging destinations,” says SpiceRoads Cycling Managing Director Daniel Moylan. “We’re proud to be able to offer a pioneering new road cycling route in the vibrant and diverse destination of India.”

SpiceRoads tours are known for providing riders with a challenge, and traversing India by road bike is no exception. The new route includes daily distances of over 100 kilometres in 8 cycling days, an achievable goal for the recreational road cyclist. However, like all SpiceRoads tours, a support vehicle is available at all times with refreshments and an empty seat.

The India Coast to Coast Tour is priced at US$ 2,500, including all accommodation, refreshments, full cycling guide and support team, and most meals. Guests can rent a high-quality road bike for the trip for an additional US$ 300, and enjoy their own private room for an additional US$ 500.

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