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SALT Resorts Embody Meaningful Travel with Immersive Local Experiences

In response to the rise in demand for transformative travel experiences, a progressive new eco-resort brand, SALT Resorts, shifts the hospitality paradigm by connecting travellers with local people and places in a completely sustainable environment.  A visit to SALT does not bring guests to a destination but its people.  Since the debut of its first property SALT of Palmar in November 2018, the brand has rewarded mindful explorers an authentic Mauritian journey through immersive local experiences.  One year on, SALT continues to inspire change among the Mauritian community and foreign guests through mutual cultural exchange and respect for the native way of life.  On 25 February 2020, SALT Resorts was named Brand of the Year at the prestigious Positive Luxury Awards, which celebrates companies that promote positive change through ethical business practices.

From inception till today, SALT is relentless in its pursuit of sustainable hospitality.  Being an early advocate of environmental conservation, there is no trace of single-use plastics, zero food waste and total commitment to local supplies.

The growing desire for real connections and genuine engagement with locals drives SALT’s Skills Swap platform. Guests are encouraged to impart their personal skills and learn new skills from the Mauritians in a collaborative manner.  More meaningful than a destination souvenir, the gift of acquiring skills in basket weaving, pottery, home-cooked Mauritian curry or line fishing makes for a lifetime of memories.

SALT’s all-encompassing sustainable initiatives aim to inculcate meaningful consumption habits.  By removing buffets from The Restaurant, this dining concept encourages guests to participate in zero food waste management. In addition to clean eating, SALT offers handcrafted decorations and a cake baking workshop as gifts from the heart are more meaningful than commercial purchases.  SALT’s sustainable consideration radiates through all aspects of the hospitality experiences.

The Brand of the Year as conferred by Positive Luxury Awards 2020, SALT Resorts provides a poignant perspective on the importance of eco-tourism with a native twist.  It is committed to boosting the Mauritian economy by collaborating with local suppliers for the resort’s amenities.  In all guest interactions, the resort advocates sustainable living through re-using and up-cycling; reinforcing the ban of single-use plastics by providing all guests with aluminum refillable bottles and installation of Nordaq Fresh water taps throughout the resort.

Emotional wellbeing is an integral element of the SALT experience.  The locally curated play list at the resort holds the secret to the Mauritian heartbeat, allowing guests to put the pulse on the local rhythm and sounds that resonate with community.  SALT Equilibrium is more than just a spa.  Its halotherapy salt room and hydro lounge facilities complemented by nutrition, quality sleep and active living results in inner wellbeing.

Embark on a journey of transformative travel experiences at SALT of Palmar, Mauritius.  The starting price for a Garden View Room is USD 195 ++ per night.

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