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‘Sansiri’ and ‘Audi Thailand’ – two giants in their own turfs – join hands to adopt the ‘Dare to Change’ strategy for a sustainable green world

Roadmap in the works to create comprehensive ‘Green Ecosystem’

           Sansiri Public Company Limited, Thailand’s leading real estate developer, announced a cooperation with Audi Thailand to emphasise its “Green Mission” corporate direction. This is the first time in the world that two giants in different industries cooperated to pursue their shared vision to create the “Green Ecosystem” under the “AUDI x SANSIRI Strategic Partnership: Dare to Change” mission to drive change in three dimensions for a greener world, starting with the goal to reduce carbon dioxide gas together in the circular economy. Sansiri became the first Asian corporation in the real estate industry to utilise the full-electric Audi e-tron premium SUV vehicles within the organisation, as well as to initiate a pilot roadmap to expand car sharing scheme that will elevate the luxury electric car services as a transportation solution for residents at mid-town high-end condominiums where reservations for the service can be made through Sansiri Home Service Application, starting with The Monument Thonglor. Also, on the drawing board is the expansion of the installation of EV charger stations at more than 20 projects to promote and support the residents’ use of electric cars. A special privilege on offer includes the exclusive test drive, reservation and aftersales services of electric vehicles.
Mr. Apichart Chutrakul, Chief Executive Officer of Sansiri Public Company Limited (SIRI)revealed, “Sansiri and Audi Thailand fully recognise the level of environmental pollution in the world at present. With the shared vision on the ‘Green Mission’ and Sansiri’s own 2019 corporate direction ‘For Greater Well-being’, we have embarked on a big change on a global scale by introducing luxury electric car Audi e-tron fully into our corporate fleet. This move reflects our corporate DNA which is to be genuinely ready and determined to pursue a mission, and not just espousing a corporate objective externally. This is also the first time in the world that the two industries have come together to create change in the Green Ecosystem which is an important dimension in relation to Thailand’s leading real estate developer and a world-class luxury automobile brand.”
Mr. Uthai Uthaisangsuk, Chief Operating Officer of SIRI, said, “This cooperation mirrored Sansiri’s vision that is not only to become a leader in quality residence development, but also to look after the quality of life of all Sansiri’s residents. The “Sansiri Green Mission” has been earnestly pushed forward in the past year to drive the company towards sustainability along with the Green Ecosystem goals that has been targeted to be completed within three years, consisting of ‘Energy Saving & Generation’ to produce alternative power for the development projects, efficient ‘Waste Management’, as well as ‘Sustainability’ in cooperation with the big tree conservation organisation in the city with the plan to manage big trees in the real estate projects for sustainability. Moreover, the ‘Smart Move’ project promoting the use of electric vehicles (EV) for shared use (Sharing Economy) by residents will respond to the needs of today’s ever-changing lifestyle. This is for the new generation of residents in condominiums along the electric commuter train routes who do not depend on private cars on a daily basis but may need vehicles to make contacts or short trips without having to shoulder any car payment. Also included is the installation of EV chargers for electric vehicles at Sansiri projects to support the growing trend of EV in the near future in a comprehensive manner.

This cooperation with Audi Thailand will create changes in three areas from Sansiri both inside and outside of the organisation, namely:

1. CHANGE to use Electric Vehicles (EV):
To convince and promote the residents to use EV to help build a greener world both in the horizontal and vertical projects, by expanding the installation of EV charger stations at projects in the B segment and above through the installation of 3-phase electricity lines to support the charger stations for EVs, and to install at all projects from 2019 onward. In addition, other special privileges include the inspection of Audi e-tron at Audi Centre Thailand, and a chance to win an Audi Q7 Black Edition worth 5.999 million baht when reserving any Audi model at the Motor Show 2019.

2. CHANGE to use Luxury Electric Car Sharing:
Together with Audi Thailand, Sansiri will promote the “Luxury Living with Luxury Car Sharing” lifestyle amongst high-end residents of Sansiri projects through the central luxury electric vehicle service at mid-town high-end projects within this year to answer the demand of the residents’ lifestyle for short trips in the city through the Sansiri Home Service Application. The project will be launched at all mid-town high-end projects starting with The Monument Thonglor located in the most premium residential area of Bangkok.

3. CHANGE Corporate transport to Electric Vehicles:
Sansiri is the first company in Asia’s real estate industry to employ Audi e-tron full-electric premium luxury SUV as its corporate cars. This move truly represents the pure corporate DNA that is determined to work towards the sustainable Green Ecosystem by starting with senior executives.

Mr. Alexander von Waldenburg-Dresel, International Director for Southeast Asia, Taiwan and India of Audi AG, said, “The success of Audi e-tron has been guaranteed by over 20,000 units booked around the world shortly after its official launch in the United States. Not long after, Audi e-tron has proven its excellence in performance and a good indication of the shared concern for the environment in all parts of the world including Thailand which is considered to be a market with good potential, readiness and growth. In the near future, Audi AG is planning to invest over EUR14,000 million to exclusively promote and develop electric-powered vehicles. In addition, a national real estate company such as Sansiri must be lauded for the priority it has put in crucial matters such as the Green Ecosystem. Such a company is considered to be a visionary and a motivator. I would like to thank Sansiri for its trust in, and decision to choose, Audi e-tron full-electric premium SUV as part on this important change to drive the society and reduce the adverse impact on the environment.”
Mr. Krisada Lamsam, chairman and chairman of executive board of Audi Thailand, said, “For the first time in Thailand, a new and exciting phenomenon will arise especially in the premium automobile category in performance, design and innovative technology that will respond to the lifestyle and needs of the customers who have been awaiting the arrival of Audi e-tron. This can be considered as a major turning point in the development and drive for Thailand to become a smart city. Today, we are ready to support and raring to change through our sustainability policy that is set to become a reality with the introduction of electric-powered vehicles in Thailand at an accelerated pace. This has resulted in a historic cross-industry strategy with a real estate giant, Sansiri Public Company Limited, who has always been resolute in its sustainability and social responsibility policy and vision in the ‘Dare to Change’ mission to help elevate the Green Ecosystem. In this momentous move, Sansiri has chosen to make Audi e-tron an important part of its fleet.”

Sansiri Public Company Limited

Sansiri is Thailand’s leader in integrated real estate development that stands ready to offer all types of good life’s experience to all, with its 34 years’ history of high quality housing developments, namely, single detached houses, semi-detached houses, townhouses, home offices and condominiums, in Bangkok and the provinces totalling more than 93,464 units at 334 projects covering more than 20 provinces in all regions. Other developments abroad include 9 Elvaston Place in central London, England, and lately a US$80 million (2,800 million baht) investment in six businesses in the fields of technology and world-class lifestyle. This is considered to be an important business diversification to create business synergies in various fields – a reflection of a truly global vision. More information at: www.sansiri.com

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