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Solitaire Bangkok Makes Donation To The Asian Elephant Foundation Of Thailand

Solitaire Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 led by Khun Rami (2nd from right), General Manager and Khun Pussakorn Phuthongdee (1st from right), PR & Marketing Communications Manager of Kingston Hotels Group gave the donation of total amount of THB 16,000 made by associates and hotel’s guests to the Asian Elephant Foundation of Thailand with an intention to help elephants in Thailand, received by Khun Sommai Homswat (2nd from left) and Khun Samang Pandam (1st from left), the representative and volunteer from the foundation.          This is the second time for the hotel to present the donation to the foundation as a part of the celebration of annual Thailand’s National Elephant Day on March 13th. The hotel also provides game activity and the information board to the guests to help increase the awareness of how significant the elephants are to Thai people.

The amount of money is expected to be spent in the foundation’s activities such as a mobile clinic, health monitoring, and medical treatment.

With a decreasing number of elephants in Thailand, Solitaire Bangkok hopes to raise awareness regarding the issue and support by making donations to save the elephants. “Mr. Lazy Elephant”, proudly resting in the hotel’s lobby, stands as a constant reminder to all visitors coming in and going out regarding the conservation of the beautiful mammal.

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