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Spectacular House Reef Awaits – Dive In!

Here’s a great opportunity to be one of the first to explore our newly found house reef in the company of a marine expert.

Hyatt Regency Koh Samui has always offered the ultimate in comfortable living at its stunning location in the northeast corner of the island, but now guests also find themselves just a few steps away from a spellbinding world beneath the waves that is literally at the end of the pier.

General Manager Pravin Kumar is delighted by the discovery. “The reef perfectly represents the beauty of Koh Samui and its diverse marine life,” he said. “We believe it will be a highlight for our guests whether they seek relaxation or adventure.”

How to prepare for this immersive experience? Easy – just slap on some sunscreen and slip on your mask and fins, then follow our snorkeling guide to this aquatic sanctuary for 45 minutes of pure fun. No previous snorkeling experience is necessary. The Resort Experience team will brief you on responsible snorkeling (understanding hand signs and respecting marine life) and tell you what to look out for, then point out reclusive creatures sheltering under corals that you might otherwise overlook.

Many corals are named for their shape, so you can guess what a fan coral, brain coral and staghorn coral look like. We are committed to protecting and preserving this fragile marine environment, so we ask that guests do not take pieces of coral home as a souvenir.

To name just a couple of the fantastic fish you may see feeding on or sheltering among the corals, the parrotfish is unmissable with its electric coloring, bulky shape and slow movements, while the honeycomb grouper seems to melt into the background with its dappled shading. If you are lucky, you might see giant clams, which are sadly endangered, or the cute though dangerous blue-spotted ribbon tail ray, which likes to hide in the sand on the seabed.

When you wade ashore from this snorkeling adventure, why not settle into the SESUN Grill and Beach Bar for a refreshing drink, then gaze out over the Gulf of Thailand and reflect on those thrilling moments spent discovering Samui’s magical underwater world?

Besides this snorkeling tour, Hyatt Regency Koh Samui offers kayaking, paddle-boarding, Thai boxing and cooking classes, and even coconut-leaf origami, as well as the opportunity to recharge your mind with holistic therapy sessions.

And while it would be easy to spend all your stay cocooned in the resort, a tour of Koh Samui’s natural treasures, such as its huge and smooth boulders, tumbling waterfalls and swaying coconut palms, will put you fully in the Samui mood. Sign up at www.hyatt.com/hyattregency/samui for the stay of a lifetime.

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