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Sugarbook: New Dating Platform Aims to Promote Thailand’s Gender Equality

While there are many dating apps available in the market today, very few allow members to negotiate terms and conditions. Sugarbook allows ‘Sugar Babies’ to define exactly what they are willing to provide in exchange for monetary support from the ‘Sugar Parents’.

Sugarbook was founded in 2017 by a Chinese-Malaysian entrepreneur Darren Chan.

“A lot of people confused sugar babies with sex workers. They are 2 very different individuals,” explains Darren Chan. “Sugar daddies and sugar babies are not obligated to have sex. The relationship between them come in a deeper level where often times, they accompany one another to events, dinners, galas, concerts, holidays, play sports activities or even attend social gatherings.”

Growing up in a Chinese traditional family, where financial capability was regarded as the key metric of success, he crafted a dating community where people connect based on “financials”. Chan believes that complete transparency and honesty lead to successful sugar-relationships.

“Sugarbook is a discreet networking platform where like-minded consenting adults connect. We understand that equality is of the utmost importance when it comes to dating; therefore we strive to provide a platform where both parties can negotiate their own Terms of Relationships,” CEO and founder of Sugarbook, Darren Chen said. “Dating in Thailand has always been patriarchal. Women rarely have a say in relationships. At Sugarbook, we aim to change that. We’re on a mission to bridge the gap of gender equality in Thailand. We believe in women empowerment by uplifting women and increasing the capacity for them to be able to make their own choices.”

With over 10 million messages sent and more than 350,000 registered users worldwide, Sugarbook is determined to create a safe and secure place for its users. Sugarbook provides “Verified Profile” badges to confirm the authenticity of the person the profile represents.  A verified badge is a blue check that appears right next to a Sugarbook account’s name. To obtain one, users are required to submit their identification documents — passport or identity card, together with a photo of themselves to apply.

Sugarbook is available on website and Android (iOS is coming soon). For more information, please visit www.sugarbook.com, or go to shorturl.at/lqW68 to download Sugarbook on Play store.

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