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Sustainability Trailblazers: PHIST 6!

Bill BensleyAs Southeast Asia’s most prominent platform for environmental advocacy within the travel and hospitality industries, PHIST (Phuket Hotels for Islands Sustaining Tourism) makes its triumphant return this September. In an electrifying full-day forum, PHIST is headlined by regional luminary and Banyan Tree Group founder KP Ho, an illustrious figure in the development of Laguna Phuket.

In this exciting dual event, KP Ho shares the stage with community champion, artist, and revolutionary hotel designer Bill Bensley, interviewed by PHIST organizer Bill Barnett. For an intimate exploration of KP Ho’s journey, David Johnson from Delivering Asia Communications will guide the dialogue.

Phuket Hotels Association Executive Director, Jayne MacDougall
Phuket Hotels Association Executive Director, Jayne MacDougall

This thrilling convergence, hosted by Phuket Hotels Association, C9 Hotelworks, and Greenview, will grace the SAii Laguna Phuket on 4th September 2023. The PHIST 6 event aims to attract approximately 1,000 of the industry’s top professionals, offering a singular educational experience spanning the Asia Pacific region.

Having transitioned from journalism to hospitality, KP Ho was an early adopter of sustainability long before it became a trending topic. His vision led to the transformation of Laguna Phuket, an area previously marred by the ravages of tin mining and declared uninhabitable by the UN, into Southeast Asia’s foremost integrated resort development.

This remarkable turnaround laid the groundwork for the first luxury and eco-conscious Banyan Tree resort in 1994, which introduced the world’s inaugural pool villas. The company has grown to encompass over 100 hotels and resorts, either operational or developmental. At the same time, the Banyan Tree Global Foundation continues to foster conservation and community development efforts.

With a 30-year portfolio of award-winning designs for some of Asia’s most prestigious hotels, Bill Bensley is lauded for his emphasis on environmental respect and purpose-driven initiatives. Like KP, Bensley will share his unique journey and philosophy, available for just 100 attendees per session. Registration operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

Besides these engaging dialogues, guests can anticipate a wealth of learning experiences. Sixteen immersive workshops will offer industry insights on green topics ranging from waste management, renewables, and certification to women leaders in sustainability and glamping. A “Green Think Tank” roundtable led by Jesper Palmqvist, STR Global’s Area Director for Asia Pacific, will invite delegates from various island regions. At the same time, an “Eco Travel Show” will spotlight green outdoor solutions. Furthermore, a “Farm-to-Table” workshop and a “Women in Leadership” session are also on the agenda.

Expressing her excitement for the return of PHIST, Jayne MacDougall, Executive Director of the Phuket Hotels Association, stated, “This year, we prepare to welcome 1,000 guests for a full-day itinerary that will disrupt the industry, challenge traditional norms, and prioritize learning.” She also anticipated welcoming KP Ho, a crucial player in promoting Phuket’s tourism sector and sustainability.

PHIST 6 is supported by sponsors including New Capital Energy Asia, Central CPN, Blue Tree, XCO2, Banyan Tree Phuket, and SAii Laguna Phuket, along with beverages from Greenery Water, JCD Coffee, and FullMoon Brewery. The event also appreciates the backing of allied partners such as the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), Thailand Hotels Association (THA), Phuket Tourist Association (PTA), Thailand Organic Certificate Association (TOCA), American Chamber of Commerce Thailand, QUO, Laguna Phuket, and Delivering Asia Communications.

For more information about PHIST 6, please visit Phuket Hotels Association. To secure your place at this must-attend event, register at Eventbrite.




Written by: Stephen Morton








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