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Sustainability with tradition

Tongsai Bay – Thailand

The story of the origins of Tongsai Bay begins in 1983, and sounds a bit like something out of a fairy tale. Khun Akorn Hoontrakul discovered the bay from the sea and fell in love with it. Within a few days, the then owner of the Imperial Hotel Group bought the land. He had a dream to build a resort with minimal impact on the natural environment.

For three months he slept on the beach to ensure that the cottages were positioned correctly, that no trees were cut down, no animals were harmed and that there was as little interference with nature as possible.

After falling ill in 1993, Akorn sold the Imperial Hotel Group, but kept Tongsai Bay to spend the rest of his life there with his beloved wife Chompunute.

In 2000, Akorn passed away and the management of Tongsai Bay passed into the hands of his son Thanakorn and daughter-in-law Saisiri. Both share Akorn’s passion for conservation and Thai hospitality. Under their watchful eyes, Tongsai Bay continued to grow and develop its own Green Projects.

In addition to ecological sustainability, the family focuses on social commitment and supports animal shelters, schools, temple projects and “Sisters of Samui”, a project that feeds more than 1,000 homeless individuals every day.

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