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THAI Airways: Amplifying Asian Routes with A320!

HS-TXO Airbus A320-232/WL Thai Smile Airways cn 6140Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, commonly known as THAI, continues to reshape its operational blueprint in the aviation industry by incorporating strategic changes to THAI Smile Airways. In an exciting move aimed at optimizing fleet effectiveness and amplifying aircraft utility, THAI is set to utilize the dynamic Airbus A320 for its Bangkok-Yangon and Bangkok-Dhaka routes, replacing the previously operated THAI Smile Airways. The revamped flight operations are expected to commence on July 16, 2023.

The noteworthy decision comes in response to the growing demand for air travel, with THAI capitalizing on the need to solidify its air route network. The Airbus A320 will replace former operations and significantly enhance passenger experience and comfort on the specified routes to meet the increasing travel needs.

The Bangkok-Yangon route will primarily be operated by the Airbus A320 aircraft, offering two high-quality in-flight service categories – Silk and Economy Class. Silk Class is a custom feature of A320 routes, boasting an array of food and beverage choices aimed at refining customers’ travel experiences and comfort throughout their journey. For additional entertainment during the flight, passengers will have a selection of e-Reading and short movie options.

Flight operations between Bangkok and Yangon will be available 14 times a week. Flight TG301 will take off from Bangkok at 09:35 hours, reaching Yangon by 10:35 hours (local time), while Flight TG303 will depart from Bangkok at 17:05 hours and touch down in Yangon at 18:00 hours (local time). Return flights from Yangon to Bangkok include TG302, departing from Yangon at 11:25 hours (local time) and landing in Bangkok at 13:25 hours, and TG304 departing Yangon at 19:00 hours (local time), reaching Bangkok by 21:00 hours.

THAI Operates Flights to Yangon and Dhaka with Airbus A320
THAI Operates Flights to Yangon and Dhaka with Airbus A320

In addition to the Bangkok-Yangon operations, THAI is set to increase flight frequency on the Bangkok-Dhaka route using the Airbus A320. With this move, the number of flights per week will rise from three to seven. Alongside the existing flight operations of TG321/322, THAI will offer double daily flights from Bangkok to Dhaka, consolidating its presence in the Asian market.

The first flight from Bangkok to Dhaka, TG321, will be operated with a B777-200ER aircraft, departing from Bangkok at 10:35 hours and arriving in Dhaka at 12:10 hours (local time). The second flight, TG339, using the A320 aircraft, will leave Bangkok at 23:50 hours, arriving in Dhaka at 01:25 hours (local time). The return flights include TG322, which departs from Dhaka at 13:35 hours (local time), reaching Bangkok at 17:00 hours, and TG340, taking off from Dhaka at 02:45 hours (local time) and landing in Bangkok at 06:15 hours.

It is notable that THAI also operates flights to other significant Asian destinations, such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Dhaka, utilizing the B777-200ER and A320 aircraft.

For a more detailed flight schedule, to make reservations, or to issue tickets, please visit thaiairways.com.





Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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