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THAI Implements Taxi with One Engine Off (TOEO) to Reduce PM2.5 Dust Particles

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited has implemented Taxi with One Engine Off (TOEO) for some flights, in an effort to reduce PM2.5 into the atmosphere, while maintaining maximum flight operation safety standards.

Squadron Leader Pongtorn Thepkanjana, THAI Executive Vice President, Operations, said that THAI has launched the Taxi with One Engine Off (TOEO) project as a solution for the PM2.5 problem that has affected Bangkok metropolitan and nearby provinces. This process entails turning one engine off when the aircraft is taxiing prior to take off and after landing, with adherence to the highest safety standards for flight operations.

The Captain will consider implementing TOEO with consideration to the following factors: aircraft weight, engine thermal stabilized, checklist, cool down period, ramp safety, and breakaway thrust, without causing danger to others or damage to ramp equipment.

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