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Thai Vietjet Launches ‘Fly Green Fund’ with Seub Nakhasathien Foundation, Raising Fund to Support Environmental Activities

Thai Vietjet, in cooperation with Seub Nakhasathien Foundation, officially announced the partnership between both parties, launching ‘Fly Green Fund’, inviting the airline’s passengers and the public to donate to the project to support Seub Nakhasathien Foundation’s environmental activities to continue protecting, preserving, and defending the forest and the threatened wildlife.

‘Fly Green Fund’ originated from Vietjet’s ‘Fly Green’ project, aiming to ultimately support the foundation’s environmental projects and activities throughout Thailand.

Mr. Woranate Laprabang, CEO of Thai Vietjet said: “Our mission is not only to bring the chance for everyone to travel with joyful flight, but also to have the responsibility with the society and community. This fund was established with the name Fly Green as our action on the responsibility to the evironment protection. We believe in the brighter life with the green earth by contribution from every people in the world”

“In the past 30 years, we and other environmental organizations have bravely entered the Anthropocene by committing to our works to the utmost. Whatever the result shall be, we will continue doing our best to protect the environment and mother nature.” said Mr. Sasin Chalermlab, President of Seub Nakhasathien Foundation.

The airline is the very first airline in the world to revolutionize the aviation industry by adopting a wide range of energy-saving policies, including receiving more aircraft with energy-saving innovations to the fleet, such as Airbus A321neo ACF.

In 2020, Vietjet launched the special edition of the annual calendar with the concept of “Protect our planet, Fly Green with Vietjet”, aiming to inspire people of all ages and nationalities as global citizens to be aware of environmental issues and to protect the world. Vietjet believes that, by protecting our green planet, we are also protecting ourselves, our families, and future generations.

About Seub Nakhasathien Foundation, it was established in 1990, aiming to preserve Seub’s intention to protect the forests with biological diversity, for instance, Thungyai – Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary and Western Forest Complex. The foundation prioritizes the protection of the great forests, which is a home for wild animals. It also places importance on the threatened wildlife, with an academic-based decision-making process.

Thai Vietjet encourages its passengers and the public to donate to the project through the following channels: 1) Donate via http://SkyFUN.vietjetair.com/donation 2) Donate via donation boxes at Thai Vietjet’s check-in counter throughout the country, also the donation boxes placed at Airport Rail Link (ARL) stations 3) Donate when booking Thai Vietjet air tickets at www.vietjetair.com  or 4) Donate via the QR Code.

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