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Thailand Mega Fair 2023 Unveils in Riyadh: A New Era

TCEB logoThe bustling city of Riyadh is poised to host a landmark event this December, the first-ever Thailand Mega Fair 2023. This grand exhibition, set to transform The Arena Riyadh from December 13 to 16, marks a new cultural and economic exchange era between Thailand and Saudi Arabia. It’s an unprecedented collaboration by Index Creative Village Public Company Limited, the Thai Chamber of Commerce, and the Board of Trade of Thailand.

Fostering New Economic Ties

The Thailand Mega Fair 2023 represents a historic step in strengthening the ties between the two nations. Sanan Angubolkul, Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand shared his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to bring the largest Thai trade fair to Saudi Arabia. This initiative, supported by numerous partners, including Siam Piwat, SCG International, and Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PLC, reflects our commitment to sustainable growth and international collaboration.”

Discover the Best of Thailand at Thailand Mega Fair 2023 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Discover the Best of Thailand at Thailand Mega Fair 2023 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

A Showcase of Thai Excellence

The event will feature over 200 brands and 1,000 products from leading Thai companies and SMEs, supported by the Office of SMEs Promotion (OSMEP). It’s a testament to the quality and diversity of Thai industries, covering sectors like food & beverage, health & wellness, and smart agriculture.

Cultural Extravaganza Meets Business Hub

More than a trade fair, the Thailand Mega Fair 2023 is a cultural fiesta. Daily Thai performances will unveil Thailand’s rich heritage, complemented by exclusive product launches and networking opportunities. It’s an immersive experience blending business and culture.

Deepening Diplomatic and Commercial Bonds

This event is more than a marketplace; it’s a strategic step towards deeper diplomatic and commercial bonds. Mr. Angubolkul noted, “2023 marks a significant new beginning in our relationship with Saudi Arabia, enhancing trade, investment, and tourism.”

Strategic Alignments and Partnerships

The fair aligns with the visions of public and private entities like the General Authority of Foreign Trade (GAFT) and the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, aiming to create a robust platform for leaders in Saudi Arabia to explore economic opportunities.

Tourism and Retail Sectors Take Center Stage

Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul, CEO of Siam Piwat Group, highlighted the event’s role in promoting tourism. With Saudi Arabia emerging as a key tourist market, Siam Piwat aims to showcase Thailand’s global destinations, expecting a surge in Saudi tourists.

Focusing on MICE and Healthcare Innovations

The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PLC will host seminars showcasing Thailand as a prime MICE destination and a leader in wellness tourism.

Connecting Businesses and Cultures

Kreingkrai Kanjanapokin, Group CEO of Index Creative Village PLC, emphasized the fair’s role in connecting businesses: “With 8,000 expected visitors, it’s a prime opportunity for B2B interactions and exploring Thai business ecosystems.”

Expert Panels and Seminars

Attendees can look forward to panels and seminars by industry leaders on supply chain resilience and halal practices, reinforcing the fair as a hub of knowledge and business engagement.

A Multifaceted Event of Business and Culture

The Thailand Mega Fair 2023 transcends being just a trade fair. It’s a comprehensive event where business meets culture, offering a unique platform for fostering connections and collaborations.

For more details and pre-registration, visit Thailand Mega Fair 2023.




Written by: Supaporn (Joom) Pholrach







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